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Man Tortured in Toronto Apartment. 

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Re: Man Tortured in Toronto Apartment.

Photographs and exhibits documenting a horrific crime, give a glimpse at what the conditions were like for a man confined to a closet and brutally tortured, physically, sexually and psychologically over the course of three months.

His body cut with razor blades and beaten with hammers and broom handles until they broke. Lighter fluid poured over his skin, and then set on fire. Cartilage ripped from his ears with a pair of pliers. Pins pierced through his lips, sealing his mouth. Bleeding wounds cauterized with hot knives or sewn up with a needle and thread.

Those responsible for the horrendous abuse were the man’s own wife and her new boyfriend. The location was a basement one-bedroom apartment in the city’s west end.

PHOTOS: Inside the apartment of torture

Besides photographs, court exhibits also included handwritten notes by the victim about the household rules as set out by his torturer, John Siscoe, and, to a lesser extent, the victim’s wife. Siscoe would dictate the rules to the victim while watching television. Siscoe would monitor the victim’s compliance with the rules and would place an “X” when the victim “didn’t do good things.”

There was also an email written to the victim’s parents from their daughter-in-law’s account on Dec. 27, 2009. The email was partially written by Siscoe, according to the agreed upon statement of facts. Police rescued the victim three weeks after this email on January 19, 2010.


Pictures are shit, and the handwritten notes and email are very poorly spelled. Fucked up people. They should take a dose of their own medicine.

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Re: Man Tortured in Toronto Apartment.

Lame link.
Nice gay boots tho.

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