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Re: Man Tattoos Dog

Here comes K9 the Doberman, yes tail docking is done because we've lost so many to them breaking their backs. It's more of a precautionary measure these days and I'd do it every time. None of mine have tails and they never will. They also have a disease called wobbler's and it's a horrific and painful. Don't knock docking or cropping till you know the dogs medical background.

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Re: Man Tattoos Dog

I'm not a fan of ear cropping, but I can understand the tail thing, I have had several Pits over the years, and since they were truly happy dogs their tails never stopped wagging.. at one point one of my dogs wagged her tail next to a space heater with a bit of a sharp edge, the blood spray on the walls from her wagging her bloody tail while I hunted for gauze was pretty epic. As far as tattooing the dog goes, I really don't see what the big deal is, but I've known several people who have tattooed their dogs for identification purposes and generally the dogs barely noticed the tattoo was being done. I've got quite a few tattoos myself and personally I'd rather get tattooed for an hour than get shocked by one of those invisible fence collars.

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Re: Man Tattoos Dog

I would have put, "My other dog's a German Shepard!"

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