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Lottery Winner Wants His Old Life Back 

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Old 09-30-2013, 09:03 AM
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Re: Lottery Winner Wants His Old Life Back

He says 4 million isn't a lot of money? I could comfortably retire on 1.5, and if you were willing to rough it you could get by on a lot less than that. Reading his comments he really seems like a fuckwit, I wouldn't be surprised if he is broke in 10 years and then blames it on something other than himself.

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Re: Lottery Winner Wants His Old Life Back

Originally Posted by diamondsmiles View Post
You'd leave us

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Re: Lottery Winner Wants His Old Life Back

all they need to do to cheat against you is gather all the possible tickets, (right before the drawing) and throw out a number that doesn't match them and bam! no winner that drawing. just customize a number to win and boom! it wins... etc
you can't even see the balls being drawn anymore...

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