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Law & Order Trump Supporter Getting Demolished by Police 

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Re: Law & Order Trump Supporter Getting Demolished by Police

Originally Posted by MolokoPlusVellocet View Post
The total is six dead now. Two of which were police officers.

The tards who murdered them should have dressed up like BLM or AntiFa. No one would have taken issue with them killing cops then. They spent a summer assassinating police officers after all..
Please show proof of that statement.

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Re: Law & Order Trump Supporter Getting Demolished by Police

"did you call down the thunder?now reap the whirlwind"ghost-starcraft.lol

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Re: Law & Order Trump Supporter Getting Demolished by Police

Potatos all about their flat earth and anti-vax.

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Re: Law & Order Trump Supporter Getting Demolished by Police

Originally Posted by dankboosh View Post
Please show proof of that statement.
Justice Department information released states 700 police officers were injured during blm antifa riots. Two were shot in the face in an ambush in Compton California, and another two police officers were shot in Louisville Kentucky.

There's video of a guy driving and protesters gathering around his car, one armed with an AK47. Who points the rifle at the car and the driver opened fire killing the armed protester.

The left wing media labeled it an act of far-right wing domestic terrorism. Because he was a Trump supporter.

That's why this has escalated. This guy was surrounded, and had an assault rifle pointed at him. And he is called the "terrorist".

Meanwhile a Trump supporter was gunned down standing on a sidewalk in Portland, unarmed, and not bothering anyone. His only crime, being a Trump supporter. The media, say nothing about domestic terrorism.

There's literally dozens more examples.

Blm and antifa activists burning and looting businesses. Caused some people, many of whom are not political people. To board up their businesses and locked themselves inside to protect their livelihood, their life's work. And had their doors busted down and defended themselves. And the media went after them. Not the people who busted down their door.

This is why its escalated. All over the nation there were large groups of people using Facebook and Twitter to coordinate their convoys to businesses to loot them. It happened in my city. I listened to it unfold on the scanner. As the police used Facebook to track their targets and beat them to the stores.

Did Facebook lock any of their accounts? Nope.

You obviously hate Trump supporters and everyone who doesn't believe the cnn narratives for example. And Trump supporters have been wrong many times about things they've said. But no more than the left wing supporters.

And millions and millions of Americans are sick and tired of it. We as Americans should be allowed to disagree, and vote however we wish. And not be punished or targeted for it. Should be able to attend a political rally for either side and not be fearful of "counter rallies" that have been targeting people as they leave to their cars.

And most of all, people in places of power, and everyone in-between, shouldn't try and censor speech. At all. But especially in a politically biased way. Which is exactly what's taking place. And it will bring our nation to a very bad place if it's continued.

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