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Law and Justice and How It Can Be Applied 

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Law and Justice and How It Can Be Applied

Arizona Supreme Court and how to apply "heinous, cruel, or depraved" in cases such as the one i will describe down below...

Facts of the Case

On the night of March 2, 1986, Walton and his two codefendants entered a bar in Tucson, Arizona, set on finding someone at random to rob, kidnap, and leave stranded in the desert. The person they chose was Thomas Powell, an off-duty Marine. The three robbed Powell at gunpoint and forced him into his car. Then they drove him out into the desert. While Walton's codefendants sat in the car with the radio turned up, Walton and Powell marched out into the desert. Walton threw Powell down on the ground and shot him once in the head. Walton bragged to his codefendants that he had "never seen a man pee in his pants before." After Walton was arrested a week later, he led the police to Powell's body. The medical examiner revealed that Powell did not die instantly from the gunshot; rather, he had been blinded and rendered unconscious by the gunshot, and only died six days later from dehydration, starvation, and pneumonia.

This case took years and years to play out in the courts... why, becouse the argument raised was that the defendants didnt intend for the man to life and suffer!!

One got the death sentence One got life and the other rolled on the other two and took the plea.

Why i wanted to share this case,.
I HATE THE "ATTEMPTED MURDER" LAW.... Well actually i hate the sentencing guidelines that are imposed on criminals found guilty of these crimes..
Just becouse a doctor and my own will to survive grants me a second chance on life... why should the prick that tried to END my life, get a better or lesser sentence.... ITS BULLSHIT!

If a fucker shoots at me.... i dont care if it only hits my little toe... that fucker should get the same sentence as if he had killed me....

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Re: Law and Justice and How It Can Be Applied

OMG, it took six days
The sentencing in this case of death and life sentences was a good call.
I Hear what your saying, I can honestly say I don’t understand the thin line between
1st degree murder
2nd degree murder[attempted murder]
- Voluntary Manslaughter
- Involuntary Manslaughter
- Affray

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