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Israel Rejects 20% Increase in Annual US Aid 

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Re: Israel Rejects 20% Increase in Annual US Aid

Originally Posted by skaan View Post
  • Recruited Egyptian Jews to blow up American and British targets in Egypt with the intention to blame the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Attacked the American naval ship USS Liberty with Israeli jets and torpedos to have the attack blamed on Egypt.
  • Bribed and controlled our politicians.
  • Secretly brokered a deal in which the United States would give its oil to Israel in an oil emergency, a deal that has cost the United States more than a hundred billion dollars since it was first enacted.
  • Bribed our News Outlets for biased stories.
  • And had enough advance knowledge of 9-11 to send a team to "document the events" (their words).
The main problem is in addition to the control of the US politicians (and the whole media), is that the rich American Jews in generally fund the evil activities of their European counterparts

And the only question is what they spent on the $ 3.2 Billion and the other undeclared million US dollars aid.
For terrorist purposes?

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