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India | Man Kills Wife For Not Adding Tomatoes To His Dish 

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Old 03-10-2014, 03:23 PM
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DEHRADUN: In a bizarre incident, a 32-year-old man on Sunday killed his wife by repeatedly smashing her head against a wall for not adding tomatoes in his dish. The incident was reported from Lakshman Jhula area near Rishikesh. Police said the accused Virender Singh Maratha works as a security guard at Bhootnath Temple and has been arrested on charges of murder.

Investigation reveals Prabha Maratha, 30, died on the spot. Her autopsy report suggests severe head injuries led to her death.

According to Pauri SSP Ajay Joshi, Maratha was extremely angry when his wife served him a potato dish which did not have tomatoes in it. "Maratha grabbed Prabha's hair and started smashing her head against a wall," he said.

Maratha, however, fled from the house after killing his wife.The Rishikesh police found Prabha's body in a pool of blood in the sitting room of her residence. The couple was married for the past 11 years and has two sons, Subodh (10) and Shivam (8).

Based on the statements of the children, who witnessed the crime, police started looking out for Maratha. Police said the accused suffers from some mental disorder and has already confessed to having killed his wife in a fit of rage.

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Guy really likes his tomatoes.
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Originally Posted by Pyramid_Head View Post
Guy really likes his tomatoes.
"Wakka -wakka-wakka"
- Fozzie Bear
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He never did get his tomatoes.
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Old 03-11-2014, 12:14 AM
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Those poor kids
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If this reactionary dipshit prepared his own meals he'd have been satisfied and his wife would still be here.
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wow, some men think women are there to do the jobs they can't friggin do!
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Lesson learnt, don't forget the tomatoes
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She won't forget again.
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It wasn't the tomatoes he wanted.. It was the red sauce he got from her head. Fresh is always better than out of the can..
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