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Father of Baby Born With Down Syndrome Keeps Him; Wife Divorces Him 

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Old 02-16-2015, 11:53 PM
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Re: Man Chooses Child Over Wife.

Originally Posted by invertigo View Post
I hold extreme scepticism for ANY 'woe is me' story that results in a gofundme account. How many times have high profile stories like this turned out to be scams? Almost all of them -
Dana Moraeles; claimed she didn't receive a tip because she was gay- turned out to be a load of bullshit.
Victoria Wilchers family; claimed they were kicked out of a KFC because Victoria's face was scaring other customers- turned out to be a load of bullshit.
And let's not forget the black waitress who wrote 'none nigger' on her own receipt, and the publicly humiliated a patron, because she was pissed she didn't get a big enough tip on a table she waited.
That this couple was so sudden to split, then so quick to reconcile sends up a huge red flag for me.
I don't trust this stuff anymore.
Does seem weird he's like "I'll take her back". But didn't she try and have your baby you care so deeply about killed?

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Re: Man Chooses Child Over Wife.

Originally Posted by Oswald2001 View Post
Many women - and men - should just not be allowed to have children.
And who should decide? A government panel, a judge, a mob of people?

Yes some people make terrible parents but that's freedom and life.

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Re: Man Chooses Child Over Wife.

I don't see what the big deal is. I would not keep a retarded kid either. I would prefer that it not be allowed into New Zealand too.

Originally Posted by downunder View Post
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Re: Man Chooses Child Over Wife.

Originally Posted by Illbegotten1 View Post
Simply because you are a female who can carry a baby and give birth to it does NOT mean you are "automatically" programed by the "nature" of your sex to want to be pregnant, or go through birth, or rear any child society and it's more demanding members (usually religious) will hold the female to simply because she is female. Just as it is NOT acceptable to me (as a rational atheist) to have every egg that is fertilized result in a living baby, for whatever reason women rationalize having a baby. There are women enough who are thrilled with finding out they are pregnant, enjoy their pregnancy, look forward to that baby, and have a mate who are just as thrilled, and both of them actually make more than the effort to raise that child to be a decent person, and once they have grown to be a family unit, have funny, even hilarious stories about what everyone went through while the kids were growing up, and even the hard times are, with time, told with love and laughter.
It is unfair to label this woman as a "cunt" or "selfish" or imagine she would do the same even if this were a "normal" child. Perhaps she is just being rational, does not want to spend her life shackled to someone she must constantly care for, and does not wish to waste her entire life on that one person. There are women who do, and they cannot imagine doing anything differently. Just like there are men who have done what this man has done and cannot imagine anything different.
If any of you want to throw kudos at the ones who do because they do, hey, feel free! But don't punt the ones who don't for following their own natures and feel self-satisfaction in demeaning any other human being to make yourself somehow look better.
I would use the most often used example, the Spartans, but every society has had to decide who lives and who dies based on how much work and resources must go into ONE child to the detriment of the TRIBE as a whole. We are not here because our ancestors were "wonderful, loving people who would do anything for a baby". We are the progeny of the people who made hard decisions based on simplicity of the survival of the group.

"You're horrible." - Sansa Stark, Game Of Thrones
"I'm honest. The world is horrible." - Sandor Clegane, Game Of Thrones

It's an old story, told even before there was writing.

It is sad that you consider dedicating ones life to raising another, especially another with a disability - a waste.
You sit there and condemn anyone who judges the mother harshly, that it just "wasn't her nature"

In that case she had no business marrying someone and getting pregnant, then going even further by deciding to have the baby, but only on her terms.

I wonder if she would've given it up if it had a cleft palate, or a speech disorder, or the unthinkable: red hair.

SHE is a pile of shit for treating another human being, one she created, planned for and expected, like trash.

And YOU are a pile of shit for defending her, and sticking your nose up at anyone who criticizes her pitiful actions.

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Re: Man Chooses Child Over Wife.

Weird that she didn't have an abortion.

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Re: Father of Baby Born With Down Syndrome Keeps Him; Wife Divorces Him

Stressful situation for the man. He did right imo

On happier note, all the 'decent guy" publicity should help his chances with the ladies

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Re: Father of Baby Born With Down Syndrome Keeps Him; Wife Divorces Him

Did he name him corky?

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