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Re: The Execution Factor

This is an unusual case. Most gay men are very close to their mothers. Gay male killers usually only kill other men. Both are statistics, in the US anyway.

Jeff Dahmer, whom I wish wasn't set up to murdered in jail, had that crazy, pill popping, most likely misdiagnosed, mother and workaholic father, so he's an exception. He had abandonment issues and I do feel bad for him.

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Re: The Execution Factor

DS, I am with you on sharing the same views. I cannot understand how people are riveted to a show like CSI where Court TV (not True TV) shows the real cases and forensic evidence.

One show I loved was HBO's OZ. That was one of the most realistic shows I have ever seen. I think that was an excellent representation of what prison life is like. Were you a fan?

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Re: The Execution Factor

George Carlin proposed this quite some time ago. As I did then I still think it would work.

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Re: The Execution Factor

I would pay to see scum bags be executed.

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