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Do They Know for Sure What She Was Thinkin? Suicide or Accident 

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Do They Know for Sure What She Was Thinkin? Suicide or Accident

MILFORD, Ohio -- A county coroner says the actions that led to a November 2010 crash that killed two women were a deliberate act on one driver's part.
Clermont County Coroner Brian Treon said that Julie Belliston-Anuszkiewicz, 25, was intentionally driving into oncoming traffic when she hit a minivan driven by Jill Morris, 41, on Nov. 13.
Read: Coroner's Report On Julie Anuszkiewicz
Both women died in the crash. Four others were injured.
Treon said that evidence indicates that Anuszkiewicz crossed the median deliberately and in control of her vehicle, without apparent confusion. He said there is also no evidence that Anuszkiewicz tried to swerve or hit the brakes before hitting Morris' vehicle.
Witnesses stated that Anuszkiewicz was "focused" and "on a mission" as she drove in the westbound lanes, Treon said. He said witnesses also state that Anuszkiewicz accelerated once she was in the westbound lanes.
"From these facts, there is only one clear conclusion," Treon states in the report. "Ms. Anuszkiewicz purposefully drove her car the wrong way on the interstate."
"The reasoning for Ms. Anuszkiewicz's intentional act, however, is unclear," Treon states.
Treon states that Anuszkiewicz left no suicide note, was not known to be depressed and had no known "inciting incident for the self-injurious thoughts."
Treon said that choosing a death in this manner also seems "impractical and unexpectedly malicious."
"For her death to occur in this manner, Ms. Anuszkiewicz would have to choose intentional harm to an unknown, random, and innocent individual," Treon said. "Manner of death by suicide, while possible, is not conclusive."
Treon said that Anuszkiewicz may have been driving "with a distorted sense of reality," though he noted that toxicology reports on Anuszkiewicz came back negative for intoxicating substances.
Anuszkiewicz's family has stated previously that they believe she may have been suffering from the flu or flu-like symptoms in the hours prior to the crash.
"Ms. Anuszkiewicz's manner of death will be ruled as undetermined," Treon concluded.

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