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CNN Producer John Bonifield Admits CNN is Very Fake News 

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Re: CNN Producer John Bonifield Admits CNN is Very Fake News

Originally Posted by TheVrist View Post

CNN has been getting busted for pulling bullshit for years now. They like the other MSM outlets are owned by corporate elites with political agendas. The ratings cliche is long dead with independent journalism. The entire purpose of journalism and media pundits nowadays is to mold opinions of its viewers. Used to, ratings only mattered to them because they counted the dollars coming in on advertisements. Nowadays, ratings only matter in the power of influence.



yel·low jour·nal·ism
noun: yellow journalism; plural noun: yellow journalisms

journalism that is based upon sensationalism and crude exaggeration.
"equating murder and dismemberment with smoking pot is the worst yellow journalism"

1895: from the appearance in an issue of the New York World of a cartoon in which a child in a yellow dress (‘The Yellow Kid’) was the central figure. The color printing was an experiment designed to attract customers.



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