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Bin Laden's Son Condemns Killing 

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Re: Bin Laden's Son Condemns Killing

International Forum? Yeah right. Absolutely ridiculous.

While I agree it would have been very interesting to see what a trial would do, it would ultimately be useless. There is no way to have an impartial jury and he's most likely be murdered along the way.

When you think about it, the only thing they could do is kill him, anything else would be way too risky.

Although, I do think they should release some sort of video (and risk inciting the anger of the muslim community). People need closure (true closure)

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Old 05-12-2011, 05:33 AM
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Re: Bin Laden's Son Condemns Killing

fuck him,stupid muslim, how the fuck can he expect a trial for his piece of shit dad? did he give a shit when he killed thousands of people? fuck him, should of wrapped him up in streaky bacon and feed him to some wild hogs, would having been a fitting end. hope USA goes of his stupid ass son next, get some more seals to put some lead in his head!!! FUCK YOU ISLAM

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Re: Bin Laden's Son Condemns Killing

fuck him and his dead father

beaver banger
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