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Baby Dies in Broken Incubator

This is my first ever post, so go easy on me!

Article taken from Swansea's Evening Post (South Wales)

Heartbroken parents of baby boy say broken incubator caused his death

THE heartbroken parents of a baby boy claim he died after being placed in a broken incubator in a city hospital.

City health watchdogs say it has been alleged the infant was put into the faulty incubator at Singleton Hospital even though there was a "Do Not Use" sticker on it.

However, ABM University Health Board insists the incubator was working fully and the sticker was a maintenance reminder.

The boy was born "perfect in every way" before being sent home.

The mother and baby were readmitted because she was suffering a chest infection. She was treated by doctors and the baby was put in the incubator. He died a week later.

Now the mother, who is not being named, is taking legal action, saying she felt a long list of errors led to his death.

She said: "There were more than 20 failings on the part of the hospital but, in a nutshell, he simply didn't receive the care he should have.

"The incubator was one of these failings. It had a sticker on that said do not use after a certain date, and my baby was placed in it a month after this date.

"It has been a long and painful process and we have received an apology, but I want to make sure another family does not go through the same pain and heartbreak that we have."

Last week the Post highlighted a shocking series of complaints in a report by patient watchdog Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Community Health Council.

The report stated "The post mortem revealed the baby was perfect in every way but died from massive bilateral bronchopneumonia."

The report noted that one of the mother's claims was that sick on the floor took days to be cleaned.

ABM University Health Board director of nursing Victoria Franklin said: "ABM takes all complaints very seriously and we have stringent procedures in place to investigate complaints. If problems are identified, we make improvements to the way care is provided.

"Patient safety and high-quality care are top priorities for us. Our staff care for thousands of patients every day and the vast majority are happy with the care that they receive.

"Sadly, with these significant numbers, there will be times when care falls short of what we would wish.

"It would be inappropriate, however, to comment on the detail due to patient confidentiality."

The board insists the incubator did not play a part in the baby's death.

Miss Franklin added: "The investigation concluded that while there were areas where care could have been improved, these would not have made a difference to the very sad outcome. An action plan has now been developed as a result of the investigation."

What are your thoughts ?

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Re: Baby Dies in Broken Incubator


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Re: Baby Dies in Broken Incubator

Sounds like neglect to me.WTF was an incubator that old being put anywhere but in storage?And I've heard stories from nurses and workers in hospitals and aged care facilities that would turn your hair.A lot of these places are seriously understaffed and underfunded.My sister got a staph infection in her leg when she went in for a routine operation.I say:sue the fuckers for all they're worth.

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Re: Baby Dies in Broken Incubator

That's sucks. I'd probably sue or just kill myself.

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