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Ashley Rinehart

Ashley Rinehart Calls Her Childhood 'Tragic'

Danial Rinehart Accused Of Murder, Incest

The daughter of Danial Rinehart, who is accused of murder and incest for fathering her children, called her childhood a tragedy.
Ashley Rinehart, 19, spoke exclusively with KMBC's Peggy Breit. She told Breit that her one bright spot was the little boy she delivered days before her 16th birthday. The boy is the only survivor of the four children she said she bore by her father.

Breit reported that Rinehart lights up when she talks about her son. The boy has been in foster care since the January day Danial Rinehart was arrested.
Breit reported that Danial Rinehart had taken Ashley and their son on the run to a Daviess County farm after Ashley's sisters told authorities about the abused they all allegedly suffered in the overhead camper the family called home.

Danial Rinehart is charged in Missouri with second-degree murder, endangering the welfare of a child, second-degree statutory rape, two counts of incest and two counts of accessory abandonment of a corpse.

Rinehart said she loved the three months last winter on the farm with her son as they cared for the owner's horses.
"This is what me and my son always looked forward to," Rinehart said.
Rinehart has not been allowed to visit her son in the six months since he was taken away.
"I am doing my best. I'm back in school. I've got a job. I'm working four days a week now, making friends, I'm in counseling. I just want my son back. That's all I want," Rinehart said.
Rinehart has gone to court to fight for her son. But her requests so far for visitation have been turned down. Her son remains in the care of a foster family.
Rinehart said she heard that her son is doing well in his new surroundings, but she misses him. She told Breit that she suspects the court is holding her responsible for her son's home life, even though her father left her and her sisters no choice.

"'As long as I am in control, you guys will do what I say,'" Rinehart remembered her father saying.
"A scary man?" Breit asked.
"Oh yeah. Yeah," Rinehart said.
Rinehart now lives with her cousin, Clover, and Clover's family. Ashley calls Clover Mom, even though she is 10 years her senior, because of the role she is fulfilling for her. Rinehart told Breit that her own mother, Linda, called her every name in the book and did nothing to protect her and her sisters from their father.
"I was a little girl of 5 years old; he had a best friend who stayed with us and he watched us. He raped me, and after he had raped me, my Dad raped me. He started in raping me," Rinehart said.

Rinehart gave birth to her first child at age 14 -- a daughter named Ethel -- who died and was buried in a cooler in Oklahoma. The next child was a boy, Jack, who lived less than four months.
"He'd gotten sick with pneumonia really bad, and this is kind of hard -- he died in my arms," Rinehart said.
Breit reported that for two weeks, Jack's body was kept in the family's camper until Danial Rinehart decided it was time to bury him on his mother's property. Danial Rinehart is accused of killing Jack by neglecting his medical needs.
"I have nightmares about it," Ashley Rinehart said.
Rinehart said she wishes her life had been different. But she knows that now she can only change things for her surviving son when and if she is ever reunited with him.

Police say the bones of two babies were found buried in a rural Harrisonville garage.

"I still have the grace of God. I'm still alive, and I thank God every day that I'm alive. Thank God every day that my son's alive. But I don't get to see him," Rinehart said.
The court-appointed attorney for Ashley Rinehart said she cannot discuss the case since it involves a juvenile; all she can say is that the laws are designed for the system to do what is best for the child.
Ashley Rinehart said that should include seeing his mother. The judge told Rinehart at her last court hearing that he was proud of her progress. The next court hearing on her son is three months away.

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Re: Ashley Rinehart

Fucking monster

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Re: Ashley Rinehart


If anything that baby needs supervised visits with his mother. What a fucking joke the system is. She was raped by her father, had two babies die in front of her, now this one is taken away? She did nothing wrong.

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Re: Ashley Rinehart

Something sounds fishy to me. Where is the forth child she supposedly bore? Why was her son taken away from her if she is a victim of circumstances beyond her control?

If it is indeed true, I feel for her and her son. Where was her mother?

The story sounds like it's based on part of Jaycee Dugard's life.

Is this the same girl? I'm sorry the picture didn't show up, as usual.

Arrest Information

Record RemovalAshley Rinehart
3-23-20102:21 PM

Personal InformationManatee County

Ashley M Rinehart
Age : 24 Years Old Sex : F
Birth Date : 3-13-1986 Race : W
Weight : 135 lbs
Height : 5'03" Hair Color : BRO

Arrest Information
Arrest Date : 3-23-2010
Time Booked : 14:21

Charges Charge 1
STATUTE: 95137
Charge 2
STATUTE: 95137
Charge 3
STATUTE: 95137
Charge 4
STATUTE: 95137

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Re: Ashley Rinehart

Truthfully, I'm surprised we don't hear more about this type of thing.

I would bet that, prior to modern communications and transportation, a more urban and isolated society had a greater occurance of such incidents.

I mean, if the nearest neighbor was 5 miles away and the nearest town 30 miles away, the dating pool would be mighty shallow.

Then, if Ma took sick and died all sudden like, the daughters might immediately become the 'women' of the house...in every sense of the word.

I would think it happened a lot.

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