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Arizona Toddler Picks Up Handgun, Pulls Trigger, Kills Baby Brother 

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Old 06-08-2014, 07:59 AM
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Re: Arizona Toddler Picks Up Handgun, Pulls Trigger, Kills Baby Brother

Originally Posted by 30564U View Post
Sorry about the ex husband and the "cop attitude" it's fairly pervasive in the business. I've always tried to be aware of it and not to do that...I am a world class smart ass, but I never developed a very good cop attitude. I have friends who are very copie and are assholes at work and then at home they're normal. I never did that...I was the same guy at work as I was at home. I never had a "game face", of course I spent most of my career in investigations. If I'd stayed as a beat cop I probably would have had to developed one to just survive. We not all dickweeds...I wish folks would just take us as they find us...without preconceptions.
I have the utmost respect for LEO. You know how I feel.

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