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20 Year Old Woman Dressed As a Boy to Sexually Assault 15-16 Year Old Girls 

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Old 03-06-2012, 02:58 AM
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Re: 20 Year Old Woman Dressed As a Boy to Sexually Assault 15-16 Year Old Girls

Kellyhound that is definitely a dude.

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Old 03-06-2012, 04:59 AM
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Re: 20 Year Old Woman Dressed As a Boy to Sexually Assault 15-16 Year Old Girls

Originally Posted by kellyhound View Post
Kids must be real stupid thinking this was a boy.

Justin Bieber??

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Old 03-06-2012, 10:37 PM
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Re: 20 Year Old Woman Dressed As a Boy to Sexually Assault 15-16 Year Old Girls

I realize she is fairly young, but, this is why homophobes have problems with gay and transgendered people. This woman has some issues. Most people are sure of their sexuality by their early teens.

While I am gay and transgender friendly, she needs to learn to be honest with people. The sooner, the better.

Guys who go on Jerry Springer and can't tell a female from a male should be able to tell, especially after having sex with them. I realize most are oral sex, but, don't they touch the giver? I don't get that at all. That goes for the women who can't tell a man is not a woman after having sex with them as well.

People should be honest before they have any kind of sex to protect themselves from getting beat up, or worse, by all of the phobes out there!

We are what we are and should be able to be with whomever we want without getting beaten or killed over it.

This woman is a rapist, although she appears to be a teenager. We have laws to protect the children. I misread the article initially and thought she was much younger.

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Old 03-07-2012, 06:57 PM
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Re: 20 Year Old Woman Dressed As a Boy to Sexually Assault 15-16 Year Old Girls

When Jessica Sayers dumped her boyfriend Luke after he groped her, she soon fell for the shy charm of new love Connor.
But little did she know that not only were both boys the same person, but each was in fact a character played by cruel 'himposter' Gemma Barker.
Today, 48 hours after Barker was jailed for two-and-a-half years, brave Miss Sayers told of her heartbreak at finding out she had been hoodwinked by the girl she thought was her friend.
Speaking on ITV's This Morning, Jessica, who has waived her right to anonymity, told how both Luke and Connor dressed differently, spoke differently, behaved differently - even kissed differently.

'Everything about them was completely different,' the traumatised teenager, now 18, said. 'It was like they were two different people - even when we kissed.'
Barker, 20, duped Jessica and another girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, their parents and police by wearing baggy clothes, hats and speaking in a deeper voice.
Even when one of her alter egos was arrested, it wasn't until police gave her a male strip search that they realised 'he' was in fact a girl.
'Nobody knows what it is like when the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with is not real. Gemma ruined my childhood and no little girl should have to go through what I did,' added Jessica in a separate interview with The Sun.
Barker's deception was complex and forensically planned. She first became friends with Jessica as herself after they met at a Halloween party in 2009. During days out and sleepovers Gemma learned Jessica and her other victim's tastes in boys.
She spent hours creating fake profiles of boys on social networking sites before approaching the girls.
Then, posing as a boy called Aaron Lampard she contacted Jessica on MSN Messenger. Through the social networking service, she introduced her to Luke Jones, another of her alter egos.
It was as Aaron that she duped the unidentified girl.
Jessica and Luke first met in person on a park bench under cover of darkness.
'I only ever saw below his eyes. He covered the rest with a hood,' Jessica said. ‘He said he didn’t want to show his face because he was very shy. And why wouldn’t I believe that?
'Gemma was very clever. She never studied drama but I did and I couldn't do such a convincing male voice.'
She added to The Sun: 'She could have won an Oscar for her performance.'
The couple met once a week for about four months until the relationship fell apart when 'Luke' attempted to grope Jessica.
‘I felt not ready to do anything at 15. At 15 you are just a child and I didn’t think you should do anything sexual.’
Having told ‘Luke’ she didn’t want to see him anymore, Jessica was contacted on MSN by Connor McCormack, also Gemma, saying he was a friend of Luke. When Gemma told her she thought Connor would make a good boyfriend, Jessica agreed to meet up.
Connor was completely different to Luke, she said. Connor said he from a wealthy family and that his father worked for Simon Cowell.
She described Luke as 'like a chav' who wrote messages to her in 'text-speak'. ‘Luke was shy in person,' she said. He didn’t want to look at me but was more than happy to have hourly conversations on the phone at night.
‘But Connor was very shy. He never wanted to talk. He didn’t want to do anything.’
Jessica soon fell in love with Connor.
‘All my friends at school said, “Oh, your boyfriend is really fit,”’ she said. ‘And I was like, thanks. Nobody had any reason to believe he was not a boy.’
Barkers web of deceit began to unravel in May 2009 when she, as Connor, stayed the night with Jessica.
‘That was the first time anything ever happened sexually. But I was never ever allowed to touch him in any way at all. He never let me. At 15 or 16 you are never going to question why.
‘After it happened he fell asleep and I stayed awake the whole night. I couldn’t sleep at all.’
She then decided to lift Luke’s hat as he slept to take a better look at the face she had never properly seen.
To her horror, the face she saw was that of Aaron Lampard, who she knew was dating a friend of hers.
‘I felt shocked. I didn’t know what I could do. I knew nobody would believe me. And that’s what happened. Nobody believed me.’
Three weeks later, Jessica went to the police to report the person who had pretended to be both Connor and Aaron, still not realising it was Barker.
Barker was arrested in a park while dressed as Aaron. But it wasn’t until police conducted a strip search that they learned the disturbing truth.
Jessica said: ‘If CID, who are trained, aren’t able to recognise that (he was a girl), then how is a 15 year old girl supposed to know?’
When the police finally revealed the truth to Jessica, she said she felt ‘dirty’ and ‘disgusting’.
‘I felt shocked at first and then really angry. I felt deceived that the person that I loved was not actually real.
‘It didn’t sink in until a few months later when I realised no matter what I did, what I thought or what I said, he was never coming back.
‘I was like he had just died. That was the only way I could cope with it.'
Barker was jailed for two and a half years on Monday after admitting two counts of sexual assault and one of fraud. The offences took place between November 23 2009 and May 10 2010.
She received 30-month terms for the sexual assaults and three months for the fraud, the sentences to be concurrent.

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Re: 20 Year Old Woman Dressed As a Boy to Sexually Assault 15-16 Year Old Girls

newspaper had pix of her with "celebs"
crazy stalker

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Re: 20 Year Old Woman Dressed As a Boy to Sexually Assault 15-16 Year Old Girls

She looks cute enough to me...I'd fuck her.

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Old 09-27-2022, 08:06 AM
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Re: 20 Year Old Woman Dressed As a Boy to Sexually Assault 15-16 Year Old Girls

Bumping this after revisiting the documentary 10 years on. very curious to find out where she is now

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Re: 20 Year Old Woman Dressed As a Boy to Sexually Assault 15-16 Year Old Girls

Looks all women to me

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Old 10-03-2022, 12:05 PM
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Re: 20 Year Old Woman Dressed As a Boy to Sexually Assault 15-16 Year Old Girls

Imagine if she accidentally met up with another rapist that also identifies as a 16 year old boy lol

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