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14 Year Old Ban Lifted in China. 

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Old 07-09-2012, 04:06 PM
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Re: 14 Year Old Ban Lifted in China.

so.... they wouldn't let you donate if you were lesbian.... what do they think lesbians have super human blood? make the people needing it super strong and take out the planet geesh come on .....

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Old 07-09-2012, 06:09 PM
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Re: 14 Year Old Ban Lifted in China.

Originally Posted by kellyhound View Post
The governm. held up a ban cause of possible health risks in case of undetected hiv contaminated blood etc. but i'm sure a lot of people wud not choose to get blood from gay people or from a different race out of fear becoming gay or talk ghetto all of a sudden.lol
Exactly. I know people who think you can "catch gay" germs and become homosexual.

I know one guy that says he wants to have kids, but if they turn out gay because he sat in the same chair one of our gay friends sat in, he'd disown them for not being of God.

Shitty ass attitude and ignorance they breed around here.

Then again, he also says in-breeding "creates better people, right?"


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