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Audio From Dylon Peterson Calling 911 to Confess To Murder 

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Re: Audio From Dylon Peterson Calling 911 to Confess To Murder

A man convicted in the stabbing death of a Vancouver mother and her 15-year-old son has been sentenced to 57.5 years in prison.

Dylon R. Peterson, 25, was sentenced Tuesday in Clark County Superior Court. He pleaded guilty in April to killing Sandra J. Torell, 45, and her son, Mathew E. Nagle.

Peterson met Nagle's older brother, Nick, through culinary arts classes. He reportedly had nowhere to live and was invited to stay with Nick, Mathew and their father, Eric, at their duplex.

The father and Torell were divorced. He and Nick were away the night of the murders. Torell was staying with Mathew.

According to court records, Peterson told a 911 operator he stabbed two people and "I made sure they were dead before I called."

When police arrived, Peterson had a cut on his right hand and blood on his clothing. Torell had been stabbed and Nagle's neck was slashed, investigators wrote.

Peterson had a blood-alcohol level between 0.19 and 0.21 when he decided to kill Torell and Nagle on Jan. 7, his court-appointed defense attorney, Suzan Clark told Judge John Wulle on Tuesday.

Relatives of the victims spoke to Peterson during the hearing.

"I can only pray … that each day (will be) worse than the last, with nothing to look forward to," said Eric Nagle.


The murderer sat in Clark County Superior Court Tuesday, his eyes turned downward as friends and family members of his two victims spoke.

Sandra J. Torell's mother, Betty Montgomery, said she missed talking and laughing with her daughter. Whitney Lang, 16, called her long-time friend, 15-year-old Mathew E. Nagle "my little brother, my big brother, my other half."

"You are cold and evil, but you will never take their memory from us," Lang told Dylon R. Peterson, 25.

Peterson was arrested early Jan. 7, after he called 9-1-1 to report he had murdered two people in the K Street apartment where he was staying. Police found Torell, 45, and her son, Mathew Nagle, stabbed to death in the duplex Mathew shared with his father, W. Eric Nagle, and his older brother, Nick Nagle.

Eric Nagle was out of town on business. Torell, his ex-wife, had come to spend the weekend with her sons.

In an April arrangement, Peterson pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and agreed to a prison sentence of more than 57 years. In return, Deputy Prosecutor Tony Golik agreed not to file aggravated murder charges and seek the death penalty, a possibility because Peterson admitted killing more than one person.

After the sentencing, Peterson's mother, two sisters and a brother, who had traveled from Idaho, wiped tears from their eyes. They declined to give their names. They approached Nagle and Montgomery, repeating time and again, "I'm so sorry."

Surprised, Nagle shook their hands and nodded.

"I don't think anybody really understands," Montgomery gently told Peterson's family.

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Re: Audio From Dylon Peterson Calling 911 to Confess To Murder

I lived near there in Portland ore wow.sad

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Re: Audio From Dylon Peterson Calling 911 to Confess To Murder

He comes across as not just sociopathic (a label he would undoubtedly find flattering), but very stupid and extremely immature, spending the entire call trying to get a rise out of the dispatcher and actually whining like a child when he repeatedly fails.

"Come ooon! I killed two people! With a knife!"

"Uh huh."

"There's sooo much blood."

Even though he had just killed two people with zero remorse, the way he was trying to mimic murderers as they're portrayed on TV, fully expected the dispatcher to act shaken just like the authorities are portrayed on TV, and was even whining when she wouldn't had me rolling my eyes the whole way through.

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