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Onboard Video of Hit and Run Three-car Collision 

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Re: Onboard Video of Hit and Run Three-car Collision

Originally Posted by XybertroniX View Post
why did they moved away from the collision area? aren't they supposed to get off and wait for an officer to make a preliminary investigation. and sketch?
It's not mandatory. Once I was in a similar accident. I was 1st car at the red light, someone was behind me, and then someone behind that person rear ended the midddle car, which rear ended my car. We called the police, but then collectively decided since there wasn't much damage to any of our cars, that we wouldn't be wanting to do anything with it.
And then another time, while driving on the highway, slow moving traffic, I was hit by someone who said they had no choice but to hit me because some other car swerved into the middle lane he was in, he called the police. Then I was ticketed because I did not have my proof of insurance card, even though it was current, I forgot to put it in my car.

Anyway. I'm just saying thst, it all depends on the situation. If the parties involved want to just exchange insurance info and file a claim, then no need for police. Also, if you are able to move your vehicle, you get onto the shoulder or go into a nearby parking lot. Just so your not blocking traffic. But thats if your vehicle isn't totaled and can be driven.

But as a caution, before you do move your vehicles like these two in the video did, take out your phone and snap a few pix or record a video of the positions of the vehicles.

Yeah....Ok. Bye.

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