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Two Robbers Shot Dead in Store Robbery - Section 3

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Two Robbers Shot Dead in Store Robbery 

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Old 03-12-2010, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by dooflotchie View Post
This makes me think of something I heard about in the town I grew up in, right before I moved away. An old man owned a convenience store close to a bad part of town and had gotten robbed a couple of times. I guess he decided to do something about it in his own fashion because the THIRD time someone tried to rob the place he killed the robber. With a sawed-off shotgun that he'd mounted under the counter, and tied a string to the trigger. Once the guy made it clear he wanted the cash, the old man yanked that string and dropped him with some buckshot to the stomach.

If you're going to choose the criminal "career path", you better accept that it might get you killed. I know any shitbag that's dumb enough to try and break in my place when I'm home is going to die.
This approach fails to consider the social forces that turn people in to criminals and relies on a religious explanation as to criminality. That is, "they are evil and deserve to die".
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