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Hanging Suicide @cellphone Vid

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Hanging Suicide @cellphone Vid 

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Old 02-04-2016, 09:21 AM
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Hopefully no repost, this time. Two uncensored versions (more or less...) of this incident in Agra, India, surfaced on a well known streaming service.

A 27 year old Indian woman called her husband on a Sunday in October 2015 from a neighbour's phone and told him that he would not be able to see her again.

She then returned home, recorded her statement and hanged herself from the ceiling. She also left a suicide note.

The husband, after the call, rushed home and found her dead. Later, he took her suicide note and the mobile phone and fled.

The neighbours called the cops and informed them about the incident. They also told the police that he had fled with some evidence.

However, he told the police on phone that he fled as he panicked. He also sent a copy of the suicide note via WhatsApp. He has pleaded innocent and blamed his in-laws for his wife's death.

"Her father has two wives. She was born to his second wife. They used to mistreat her. They had left her in a hospital unattended when she was unwell. They used to torture her emotionally. She has said in her suicide note that her parents shouldn't be allowed to see her. I'll soon register a case against them," he was quoted as saying to the police.

However, he has not yet met the police personally. He also claimed that Neha used to hate her parents and committed suicide to get rid of them.



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People need to see more of the families horror ; so maybe they will think twice about being selfish .The child calling his mom .
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Suicide really is selfish, the pain it leaves behind for those who loved them is tremendous.
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Feel sorry for the family that has to deal with the aftermath.. As for the selfish woman, terrible choice

What's even worse is to hear the child in the background
Suck it up, buttercup!!!
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I wonder if she was still alert enough to hear the kid calling out for her and how she felt?

Really depressing.
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Death by hanging is also know as dirty death
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My heart stopped when I heard the child. Horrific to think.....
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That took a while. Whilst I agree that it is horrific for the people left behind, especially children, people who hang themselves are not in their right minds. Tragic all round.
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What does the note say?
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