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Several Drug Complications 

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Re: Several Drug Complications

Originally Posted by mintycbo View Post
Attempted recreational subutex use..subuxone and subutex are desinged as to not be injectable..but these people done so anyways.

Just some Junkies tryin to get high off of drugs intended to help them curb their habit..

Reality? Subutex/Subuxone will just take the edge off of with withdrawl..won't really get a person who abuses opioids "High"... now if an average everyday "non-druggie" person takes one? They will be obliterated..Just the way the brain is wired..and in the case of a heroin addict? re-wired.

As for Methadone? may aswell just give them Heroin in the raw..it's Synthetic (man made) Heroin.

Not posted, but worth a mention, people used to inject oxycontin awhile back, can no longer do this, They changed the formulation, If someone were to crush the tablet/s and mix it with liquid, it will "Gel" up..They done this to prevent people from abusing it in this way.

The one photo they injected themselves with Zoldipem, Better known as Ambien...the ultra potent and contraversial sleep drug..What this person was attempting ..I have no clue..why in the hell would you shoot Ambien? I know it carries a risk of dependence. and one can build tolerance to the substance. But I see no recreational value of the drug other than sleep.. Just "eat" more of em..no need to shoot em up...

And as stated...bad filtration..(if any) will do this aswell.
Half the addiction is the syringe, the act of shooting up. Methadone assists in avoiding that behavior since it also is designed to clog needles. Another reason methadone is NOT like giving ppl raw heroin is that it stops the risk of contracting and spreading HCV,HBV,HIV. In addition, the person is equalized. No longer needing more and more just to keep well. It stops crimes associated with addiction costs. It is much easier to wean a person from methadone, at a mLg at a time if necessary, again, the benefit of controlled amounts. Blood tests are taken to determine how a person metabolizes methadone so as to not get an over medicating dose. Drug tests are performed minimally twice a month, counseling weekly and most clinics also offer 12 steps and other recovery groups. The patient is required to come daily to the clinic every day until 90 days of random observed drug screens are negative.
The reason this person shot Ambian is bc of the need to shoot up when opiates or other drugs are not available. One of the biggest complaints of cold turkey withdraw is the lack of sleep.
I was a director of an OMT clinic for many years. It was purposely given a bad name in the 60s (vietnam junkies) bc the public feared we would turn into a drug crazed community when in fact, it got thousands of our soldiers back on their feet again.

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Re: Several Drug Complications

Originally Posted by DiamondSmiles View Post
The middle of my late three brothers used to snort his Oxies.

I don't know how people can even take that for pain! I was given it after a car accident in 1998 and I took it back to the pharmacy.

Made me jittery and grit my teeth, like I was speeding, but, I am the 0.01% with the issues to most things.

I didn't care for Ambien either. Made me feel like I was in a fog the following day.
MVA was 1981, the day before Bram Stokers Dracula premiered.

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