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Off To See the Evil Wizard 

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Off To See the Evil Wizard

Early this week, a mysterious Suzuki Swift was noticed in the parking lot of a car dealership. The owner of the dealership sent his young son over to it to see if someone was sleeping off a drunk or if it was abandoned or what. Much to the kid's shock and horror, when he looked in the window he saw a dead woman with blood everywhere. Police were called.

The woman was ID'd fairly quickly as 35 year old (Lucy). She had lacerations in her abdomen, chest, and neck. There was also a bloody length of cloth near her body that had some lacerations, which led the police to believe that she may have been strangled with it before being slashed.

An investigation ensued, but the police were concerned because of her position in the car. The attack would almost certainly have to have come from the passenger seat, causing them to focus primarily on her friends, family, and acquaintances since it is likely she knew the killer well enough to let him sit in her car. Most of the 'usual suspects' checked out and while several people said things had been tense between her and her husband of late, he had an airtight alibi and was significantly grieved by her loss.

A bit of digging in her phone, however, led them to another party. A magical party. Strange rituals and odd trappings. Robes and wizard hats. At the end of it all, a sorcerer of dubious repute named Herman.

It seems that Lucy had discovered an add on the internet professing magical aid in mending broken relationships. Because things were tense at home with her husband, she contacted the alleged wizard for aid. They met a couple of times, always in a neutral location, where he would take his moped and then get inside her car to do the rituals. It seems she was worried about being seen in his esteemed company.

Apparently, however, the rituals were not working. Situations on the homefront did not improve and her marriage bed remained cold. So she set up one final appointment with Hermetic Herman.

They met in her car after dark and commenced the proceedings in the parking lot of a then-closed car lot. The ritual involved Herman using a pair of scissors to cut apart some object of clothing belonging to her husband. He was halfway through when Lucy decided she'd had enough. She interrupted the ritual and called him a fraud. Said his spells had all failed and that he was just stealing her money for nothing. She demanded her money back and threatened to expose him as a fraud if he refused. Apparently fearing either the authorities or The Mages' Guild, this agitated Herman significantly. But he did not relent. So she slapped him and said he was the worst wizard ever and an utter sham.

Apparently, something in her ridicule caused a snap in his brain. He took up the strip of cloth he had used for the ritual and put it around her throat and began to strangle her. He told police that she struggled very fiercely for her life, but could not effect an escape due to being in the confines of the car.

He testified that he strangled her with the cloth until her nose was bleeding and she urinated in her pants, which he thought meant that he'd broken her neck and she was dead.

He left the scarf around her throat and started searching the car for things to rob when she coughed and wheezed a bit, startling him and causing him to go for the scissors. He stabbed her in the stomach and then once in the chest. She was still moving and groaning even then, so he stabbed her about a half dozen times in the throat with the scissors, took all of her jewelry, and then fled into the night.

He apparently pawned the jewelry and spent all of the money on a combination of booze and holy water to 'purify his mind and spirit.'

It only took about 24 hours for the cops to run him down and he took flight when he saw them coming. One of them shot him in the leg and he apparently took quite a few punches and kicks after being incapacitated, as well.

Turns out he was barely a week out of prison and had set up the add that the victim responded to using a prison computer while still incarcerated.

Perhaps he should have saved a Level 4 spell slot in order to drop a timely Dimension Door.

Documenting Reality













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re: Off To See the Evil Wizard

Well in a way he did solve her marital problems.....
she and her husband won't ever have any more domestic unbliss

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re: Off To See the Evil Wizard

Why do people always threaten to call a person out when they are by themselves and in the dark? I’d be waiting until I had witnesses.

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Re: Off To See the Evil Wizard

She was pretty poor at identifying true "wizardry".

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Re: Off To See the Evil Wizard

Originally Posted by Vedderman View Post
Perhaps he should have saved a Level 4 spell slot in order to drop a timely Dimension Door.
Good stuff, Vedderman.

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Re: Off To See the Evil Wizard

She should've just called Harry Potter, it would have saved her from a lot of trouble The background story is once again fantastic, informative, detailed and vividly told

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Re: Off To See the Evil Wizard

Being alone in a car with a so called wizard, with a very trustworthy face, holding a scissor, accusing him being a scammer wasn't such a good idea after all ffs.

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Re: Off To See the Evil Wizard

Those Garu pillows on each seat...

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Re: Off To See the Evil Wizard

Maybe SHE was the one with the Wizard Sleeve?

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Re: Off To See the Evil Wizard

Poor woman. What's the deal with her eyes in her selfie though? Is it some kind of filter? Someone on here posted their photo in the WC the other day and their eyes had that fake, glassy look.

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