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Re: Man Being Eaten By A Snake

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Re: Man Being Eaten By A Snake

The snake was saying this as it fed.."Num Num Num Num"

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Re: Man Being Eaten By A Snake

Originally Posted by renfairegeek View Post
I saw this on National Geographic a while back...

both the man AND the snake died. They were found this way... The snake put its jaw the wrong way, the sides of its mouth can't stretch around his shoulders, so it dies - I believe - of suffocation.

Fascinating photo.
Actually the Ranger that found the man talks about the breathing noise the snake is making when he got to the scene. I did not hear how the snake was killed but it was still alive and was still trying to swallow the man. I had always assumed the Ranger killed the snake prior to taking pictures. In the interview it was the Rangers opinion that the snake was a few hours away from swallowing the man.

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