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Bears Eat Fish...and Sometimes People :] 

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Re: Bears Eat Fish...and Sometimes People :]

Originally Posted by JJL0325 View Post
Ive seen this photo a bunch of other times, but it always has a different title. "eaten by starving dogs", "zookeeper killed and eaten by lion", "man dragged out of pirhana infested waters", "man eaten by bear". Which is correct???
All of them. He was a busy guy.

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Re: Bears Eat Fish...and Sometimes People :]

As stated many times the death scene (killspot) is not that of Timothy Treadwell , Treadwell and Amie were believed to be killed buy a single bear which Treadwell named Quincy..Who was in part shot and killed by Joel Ellis A ranger with the NPS.
Below is a picture of the area where Tim and Amie were killed at their campsite on Kaflia Bay, which is part of what we call the Grizzly maze.Believe me the 2 were warned and ticketed.
Treadwell's mother does not have the taped death audio Jewel Palovak who was a close friend of Treadwell has the tape...

The only male killed in 2000 in Alaska was George Tullos in Hyder..

His head connected to a small piece of spine and his right arm and hand laying nearby with his wrist watch still attached and a partial rib cage was what was found..

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Re: Bears Eat Fish...and Sometimes People :]

what was left of Timothy Treadwell fit in a small basket. he was pretty well eaten except for the partial ribcage, a crushed femur fragment and a few other bone fragments. idk about the skull, some say it was fragmented, some say found whole, some say not found at all. he had been flirting with death for years, and death finally obliged him.

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