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Dashcam Video Shows Caldwell Co. Deputy Firing Deadly Shots

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Dashcam Video Shows Caldwell Co. Deputy Firing Deadly Shots 

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Old 04-19-2016, 06:38 AM
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LOCKHART, Texas The Caldwell County District Attorney has released the dash camera video of a deputy who shot and killed a man in Lockhart earlier this month.

District Attorney Fred Weber confirmed the family of Jesse Juarez, who was shot on Apr. 4, viewed the video Monday morning.

“It’s difficult, it’s a family member obviously, but I felt courtesy dictated they be allowed to view it before it was released to the general public.”

Juarez’s family attorney, Trek Doyle, says the video “makes it clear that the tragic shooting… could certainly have been avoided with proper equipment and training.”

Doyle says Juarez suffered from mental illness and physical disabilities and his situation should’ve been handled without deadly force.

“It is also evident that Caldwell County deputies lack basic training on how to address a person well-known by his community to suffer from mental illness,” says Doyle in a statement.

Just after 4 a.m. April 1, Lockhart police responded to a burglary in progress in the 1000 block of South Main Street. With additional officers responding to other calls, police asked for backup from the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office.

By 4:24 a.m., deputies arrived at the home and began questioning the homeowners. The homeowners told deputies a Hispanic man broke several windows and verbally threatened them before running away.

As deputies searched for the burglary suspect, the homeowner alerted them the suspect, later identified as Jesse Juarez, had returned to the house.

Deputy Michael Taylor said he observed the suspect carrying a long-handled weed cutter. Authorities say Taylor ordered the suspect to drop the weed cutter but the suspect allegedly refused and with the tool raised over his head, he moved in the direction of the deputy saying “no.”

Video from the patrol car of a second arriving deputy shows Juarez moving towards to the deputy. Audio from Taylor’s dash camera which was pointed in the different direction, clearly picks up his voice as he yells repeatedly for Juarez to show his hands.

At one point, Juarez replies “No!” and seconds later utters something that sounds like “It’s okay.”

DA Weber points out a point in the video where Juarez, 65 appears to raise the weedcutter just as Taylor fires three shots.

The Texas Rangers are still investigating the case which is expected to go before a grand jury in July. Until then, Deputy Taylor is on desk duty at the Sheriff’s Office. An opportunity his attorney says his client is grateful for.

“What’s typical of most officers who have to go through this experience, nightmares, stress, insomnia. He’s having a very typical reaction,” says Travis Williamson who is working for the Texas Municipal Police Officers’ Association which represents many law officers in the state.

Dep. Taylor’s personnel files shows he worked as a jailer before moving to full time deputy about two years ago. His jailer supervisors described him in one review as an asset.

Picture and Video Clip Stats.
File Type: mp4 DashcamvideoshowsCaldwell.mp4 (842.1 KB , 157 views)
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So premature the officer didn't even backpedal half the length of a football field
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Mental disease should not be a Get Out Of Jail Free card. When there are thousands of people to police in any given neighbourhood, saying "He was well known for his mental problems" is about as meaningful as saying the particular ant you stepped on on the sidewalk should have been as easily recognized as the hundreds of others you didn't step on.

No, it's not a cop's place to know every face in their neighbourhood. It's to stop threats. A person advancing on you with a tool that can cause injury, refusing to listen to requests, is a threat. Threat gets bullets. Move along.
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Remove degeneracy. Good shoot.
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