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Cop Shoots Twice at Uber Driver Through Windshield of His Car 

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Old 06-13-2018, 03:15 PM
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Cop Shoots Twice at Uber Driver Through Windshield of His Car

Bad engrish site tells:
An Uber driver is taken by Carabineros during an incident at Santiago Airport.

Uniform police officers performing controls on the first plane of the aircraft continued to inspect the informal transport vehicle that left passengers in the sector, reviewing the documentation.

When verifying the Uber service, one of the officials tells him that the mobile will be removed from the circulation, after which the driver attempted to fly and rushed the car to one of the police

The officer uses his service weapon, pushes the windshield and wounds the driver twice.

The driver was shot and injured in the arm and forearm and is life threatening.

The official trip. He was terminated with one injury in one of his legs and transferred to the hospital of the institution, while the driver was arrested for the crime of attempting to kill carabiner on duty

The Captain Priscila Aguilera stated that "this inspection was carried out, the passengers dropped from the mobile, the passenger asked the passengers the conditions they had with the driver they said it was an informal transport. the driver and requested the respective documentation, he refuses ".

"Carabineros, one in front of the vehicle, is asked to leave the mobile, he refuses to continue on his departure, asking him to quit his march, he does not and consequently before the immediate danger of The mobile to the physical integrity of the official, (the vehicle) and Carabineros uses his firearm "he explained.

In a video recorded by the driver who went viral in social networks it is seen when he tries to avoid control and accuses that "they illegally arrest me" and the subsequent moment in which the uniformed police performs shot when the vehicle rushed him.

Picture and Video Clip Stats.
File Type: mp4 copshootstwice.mp4(3.70 MB, 329 views)
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Re: Cop Shoots Twice at Uber Driver Through Windshield of His Car

He should have stopped, gotten a quick inspection and gone on with his day

I found another video (the beginning is the same but then it shows the Uber driver being wheeled to the ambulance.)

I had just read about this but not the best english either.. Also, "Carabineros" is the Chilean national police force.

Uber driver shot by police in airport

A Carabineros procedure carried out on Wednesday night on the first floor of the Santiago Airport ended with a person wounded by a bullet.

According to the antecedents, everything had originated after police personnel tried to inspect an Uber driver, who refused to stop the vehicle and get off it.

Before the advance of the car, the ATM proceeded to use its service weapon and fired shots at the driver.

The wounded was transferred to a welfare precinct to verify the severity of the wounds, which was ruled out was life threatening and became a bullet wound in a forearm and in his left shoulder

Picture and Video Clip Stats.
File Type: mp4 ChileanUberDriverShotAtAirport.mp4(10.58 MB, 265 views)
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Re: Cop Shoots Twice at Uber Driver Through Windshield of His Car

Sketchy - for whatever reason - drivers are viewed quite differently these days in places like airports especially.

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Old 06-13-2018, 09:54 PM
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Re: Cop Shoots Twice at Uber Driver Through Windshield of His Car

Cop should have just moved out of the way. Not stand there to get ran over. Uber driver was an idiot

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