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Blonde Transgender Hits Customers with an Axe

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Blonde Transgender Hits Customers with an Axe 

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Old 09-21-2019, 09:52 AM
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January 2017. A young blonde woman strolls into a suburban 7-Eleven with an axe and then hacks into two customers waiting to be served.

CCTV footage shows the bloody rampage second by second as it takes place inside the 7-Eleven at Enmore, in Sydney’s inner west, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

It is 2.19am and a blonde 24-year-old strolls casually into the store carrying an axe.

She is wearing black shorts, a dark singlet top, black sandshoes and, in her right hand, a long-handled black and red axe.

The 7-Eleven, which sits at the rear of a service station on busy Stanmore Road, is lit up and has a customer waiting at the cash register.

Sharon Hacker, 43, who has distinctive long coloured dreadlocks is paying for milk.

After strolling in, the young woman who police later allege is Evie Amati, transfers the axe to her left hand and disappears down the first aisle of the shop.

At the cash register, Ms Hacker fiddles with her handbag and at 2.19:56 a second customer, Benjamin Rimmer emerges from an aisle with a meat pie to stand in line behind Ms Hacker.

Mr Rimmer, 32, appears to smile and gesture at someone outside the CCTV lens.

At 12 seconds past 2.20am, the young woman walks into view. She holds the head of the axe in both hands, with its long handle protruding to her left, and has what appears to be a knife in her back pocket.

Covered in tattoos, her blonde hair thick and matted, the woman chats casually for several seconds with Mr Rimmer, who at one point touches the axe and appears to make a joke.

2.20:42am: The automatic door of the shop slides open and Ms Hacker turns to leave with her purchases.

2.20:44am: The woman swings the axe and brings it down on Mr Rimmer’s head. He collapses backwards across the shop floor.

2.20:48am: The woman brings the axe down on the back of Ms Hacker’s head and she collapses through the door as the woman swings the axe again and brings it down.

2.20:50am: The woman steps over Ms Hacker and strides out onto the bitumen parking bays and away.

Mr Rimmer and Ms Hacker reel from the attacks with Ms Hacker just outside the door and Mr Rimmer sitting inside stunned, with his head in his hands.

2.21:02 Mr Rimmer stands up while outside Ms Hacker tries to get herself together.

2.21:20: Ms Hacker has managed to stand up and then stagger back in to the shop. Mr Rimmer appears back in view, standing with bloodied hands and then half collapses to the floor which is spattered with blood.

As police and paramedics are called to the bloody scene at the 7-Eleven, bystander Nathan Wood says he chases the axe-wielding woman down the street until she allegedly swings the axe again at the person behind Mr Wood.

Police converge on Stanmore Road and a short time later a police dog allegedly finds Ms Amati lying in the front yard of a property along the road.

Police claim to find an axe nearby. Police arrest and handcuff her and she is taken to St Vincent’s Hospital for assessment, and later transferred to a cell.

Ms Hacker and Mr Rimmer are both taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital to be treated.

Ms Hacker later describes the terrifying attack which left her with a skull fracture, and Mr Rimmer with more serious head injuries.

“She just came with full force and swung and struck the man across the face,” Ms Hacker told.

“Then [she] turned immediately around to me and again, with both hands, came through and struck me with the axe in the back of the head.

“And then as I was falling forward, (she) came in again and came down and struck me again.

“His face was completely opened up and bleeding profusely,” Ms Hacker said. “I’m just very lucky that I have very thick dreadlocks.”

Evie Amati did not apply for bail and it was formally refused when she faced Parramatta Bail Court on Sunday over the alleged axe attacks.

Charged with intentionally causing grievous bodily harm, Ms Amati has been remanded in custody to face court again on Thursday.

Ms Amati asked the court that she be supplied with the type of medication commonly taken by person changing gender from male to female.

She asked that she be supplied with the oestrogen booster Progynova, and Spractin, a testosterone suppressor.

EVIE Amati, the transgender axe attacker convicted of three attempted murders, grew up in a comfortable central Perth suburb, the child of West Australian trade union royalty.

Then named Karl, Amati was gifted academically and would go on to top the state in English, and become the highest achiever of Western Australia’s top public school in English literature, ancient history and political science.

In 2009, Karl no doubt made his parents swell with pride.

But last month, they were forced to hear about their child’s intelligence and academic achievements in a Sydney courtroom.

In opening his case, crown prosecutor Daniel McMahon told the jury Ms Amati was listening to a song called Flatline by the band Periphery with "some pretty dark themes" before she went into the store.

the accused, "had fantasies about killing herself and others" and had spoken about twisting people's necks on the bus in 2016.

In the hours leading up to the incident, the court heard Ms Amati had been drinking and taking drugs with friends, and had learned someone she wanted to date was in a relationship with someone else.

One hour before she went to the 7-11, Mr McMahon said she messaged a friend to say, "most people deserve to die, I hate people and one day I am going to kill a lot of people".

Then about half an hour before she allegedly updated her Facebook status to say, "Humans are only able to destroy and hate so that is what I shall do".

Ms Amati broke down in tears several times as she listened to proceedings from the dock.

In his opening address, Mr Waterstreet told the jury his client was not guilty by reason of mental illness.

He said at the time of the attack she was in a state of psychosis caused by her mental illness and a "toxic mixture" of gender transition hormone medication, cannabis, amphetamines and alcohol.

"The CCTV captures the body of Evie Amati, it captures it from the time she entered the 7-Eleven to the time she left, so the question you have to decide is where was her mind?" Mr Waterstreet told the jury.

"Her mind had deteriorated to such a state that in the early hours of the evening in the 7th of January she was out of her mind."

He told the court his client was an intelligent woman who excelled in everything she did academically and had worked full-time for a union for seven years, but he added she had struggled mentally with her gender transition and was "suffering from a disease of the mind".

"This was a woman who had never done anything violent … it was a total out-of-character experience," Mr Waterstreet said.

The front row of the public gallery is full of people who have come to the trial to support Ms Amati.

The trial is expected to run for several weeks.


A woman who chased after three strangers in a 7-Eleven before attacking them with an axe will spend a further five years in jail after the “leniency” of her sentence was appealed.

Evie Amati, 27, was sentenced to nine years in jail in January for the terrifying 2017 attack in the Enmore 7-Eleven, in Sydney’s inner west.

Today, the Crown appealed the leniency of her sentence to the Court of Criminal Appeal.

She will now spend 14 years in jail with a non-parole period of eight years.

Amati, a transgender woman, pleaded not guilty on the grounds of mental illness and trauma from her gender reassignment operation but was found guilty by a jury’s unanimous verdict last August after a five-week trial.
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Ms. Hacker, the hackee.
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never turn your back on a transgender, especially when they have a large polymer handled axe.
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probably gives decent blowjobs
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What a shame. Two people permanently disfigured and the attacker merely gets a slap on the wrist.
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Lucky it got his face..could have been his neck, game over..
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Originally Posted by SingularTub View Post
never turn your back on a transgender, especially when they have a large polymer handled axe.
Or. you know, ANYone carrying an axe.
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That's not a woman, It's man, baby!
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A weirdo misfit further twisted by a cocktail of drugs and meds?

Of COURSE trendy liberal people will swarm in defence!!
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