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Alexandria, La. Police Pull Over a Woman Taser and then Tackle Her

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Alexandria, La. Police Pull Over a Woman Taser and then Tackle Her 

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Old 07-09-2008, 05:25 PM
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This video shows an Alexandria Police Officer- Corp. Kenny Rachal-who’s been on the force for 13 years. We see him using his taser on-- and tackling a woman named Doris Moses.

The stop happened on Easter Sunday of 2007, but now it’s the subject of an internal investigation by APD, and as of this week, Ms. Moses is seeking a financial settlement from the city.

The takedown unfolded that Easter Morning- at the corner of Pecan Drive and Joyce Street: The Moses home is a few blocks away. Police had been there earlier- to search for the suspect in a robbery.

According to the police report, cops did find stolen merchandise on the premises…inside a shed in the backyard. The suspect in the robbery, a Mr. Wadell Goodman had been living in the shed.

After the officers found the items in the shed, Ms. Moses says she asked them to leave, but she says they told her they wanted to search her house for Mr. Goodman.

The police report says Ms. Moses denied knowing Mr. Goodman…they asked a second time to come in, and the report says, Ms. Moses closed a door in the officer’s face.

At that point, officers say they checked the plates of the vehicles in the driveway. They discovered some of the vehicles were registered to Robert Moses -Doris’s husband- and according to the police report Mr. Moses had eight warrants for his arrest.

Having learned of this, officers asked again to be let into the house.
According to the police report, a dispatcher had heard male voices over the phone, but Ms. Moses told officers there were no men in the house, just her three children.

Then Ms. Moses says she told officers she was late for church. She says the officers gave her permission to go, so she pulled out of her driveway. Ms. Moses says one cop even closed a car door so she could pass.

According to the police report, Ms. Moses was instructed not to leave…the report says she pulled out of the driveway- nearly hitting a police cruiser.

A few blocks away, Ms. Moses was pulled over by Corp. Rachal and the situation seems to have escalated. The police report says Ms. Moses was struggling, it says she refused to come out of the s-u-v.

Attorney Greg Aymond is representing Ms. moses. He says Ms. Moses was the victim of a heavy handed police officer, and possibly treated so roughly because of her race.

He says this is a civil rights violation and he’s preparing a lawsuit if the city won’t compensate Ms. Moses.

Mayor Jacques Roy and Police Chief Darren Coutee held a press conference at City Hall- to address this issue.

They say they are deeply concerned about Rachal’s conduct, and some previous incidents on his record which they did not want to detail.

Officer Kenny Rachal has been on sick leave, which was extended this week.

News Channel 5 is trying to reach Rachal for comment. A personal cell phone has been disconnected-- and several attempts to contact Rachal were unsuccessful when this story went to air.

As for the question of timing: Why is the incident being investigated now...if it happend over five months ago? The Alexandria Police Department says no official complaint was ever filed.

Chief Coutee says the incident is being looked at more closely, at present, because Ms. Moses requested the tape and hired a lawyer.

The officer in the Alexandria, LA incident has been fired and his appeal to the civil service board has been denied. He has one more appeal.

The lady has since settled for $20,000 out of court with APD. I was going for an interview with this department but after all that I decided not to go. The chief immediately took the side of the lady here without even knowing all the details.

The lady was hiding a criminal and certainly had stolen merchandise on her property.

The chief took her side and so did the crummy mayor.

It's nice to know that the mayor is a former Lawyer who used to represent people like the lady.

Picture and Video Clip Stats.
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The police report says Ms. Moses was struggling, it says she refused to come out of the s-u-v.
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