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Teenage Suspect Suicides in the Back of a Patrol Car 

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Teenage Suspect Suicides in the Back of a Patrol Car

Last week, Austin’s 3rd Court of Appeals ruled that legal action can be taken against the City of Austin after a wrongful death lawsuit was filed stemming back to the 2017 incident where 19-year-old Z. A. shot and killed himself in the back of an Austin Police Department cruiser.

During that incident, A. had been arrested on a shoplifting charge at a Macy’s in southwest Austin. According to the police report, Officer I. W. found a “crystal-like substance” he believed to be methamphetamine inside a folded-up dollar bill while placing the teen in custody.

Wall reportedly did not find the pistol that was hidden under A.’s waistband, that the teen reportedly used to shoot himself after a conversation with Wall en route to the police station.

Woman: Hi.

Man: Who we’ve got (inaudible)?

Woman: I don’t know. He doesn’t have an ID and he tried fighting out there so I took him to the ground. That’s what I came to tell you.

Woman: He has someone else’s ID in his wallet.

Man: I don’t see an ID.

Woman: It’s (inaudible).

Man: Oh, okay. Is that him?

Woman: That’s not him. He said he was (inaudible) to his friend.

Woman: Oh, he was shoplifting, too?

Man: He wants to play a little name and birthday game, but — he said he was 16, and then he said 17, then he said 19, now back to 16.

Man: He’s got a little carpet burn on his face from when they look him to the ground.


Man: What’s your name man?

Woman: But do you have a nickname or something?

A: No.

Man: Why’s your Facebook page got some other name? A, or something like that?

A: (inaudible)

Woman: Z.

Anam: No.

Man: Your name’s not Z?

A: No.

Man: Come on man. … I’m fixing to take you down there to the main police station and they’re going to fingerprint you and we’ll know who you are.

A: Okay.

Man: And then I’m going to add some additional charges once I find out.


Man: Remember that incident that we got called out to in Travis Country when there was a robbery-drug deal gone bad? He was one of ’em.


Officer W: I’m guessing that meth made you lose a lot of weight.

Anam: Why do you say that?

W: Because your last jail picture shows you as a bigger kid in the face than that other.

W: You don’t look this heavy anymore.

A: Yeah.

W: Do what?

A: I said, I mean, yeah, I lose weight here and there.

W: That meth’ll do that to you.

A: I know.

W: But it’s not in a good way.

A: I know.


W: And this 80-something dollars for your watches, or for the watch and and the earrings.

A: Yeah.

W: That’ll probably be a felony, too.

A: Damn.

W: Yeah. Need to start using your head man.

A: I know.

W: You’re going to be spending the rest of your life behind bars.

A: I am?

W: If you keep this up.

W: I said if you are who I think you are.

A: Yeah.

W: This guy, you’ve already got about six charges waiting on you warrant-wise, plus two today…. three today.

A: My finger’s stuck (inaudible) stuck like this god d— it. Ouch, god d— it. My foot’s stuck.

W: Do you have anything else illegal on you?

A: No sir.

W: I’m going to check my backseat. It was clean this morning when I got in it.

A: Alright.

W: If you’ve got anything shoved up your butt or anything you better come out with it because you’re going to be searched anyhow and you take it into the jail, it’s going to be a — another felony charge added to ya.


A: Alright sir. If I identify myself as that person right now can I skip the whole process of going to the police department?

W: I’m going to go ahead and take you over there and get you fingerprinted.

A: Alright.

W: Is that who you are?

A: Yeah. Well, I mean like, I think so, I can’t read the name.

W: Z K A.

A: Yeah.

W: I thought so.

A: Yeah.


W: Dude, you’re no good at being a criminal.

W: You’ve been arrested, what nine times in the last year?

A: No. Twice. But like one of them was to serve a bunch of warrants.

W: For all the other stuff.

A: Yeah.

A: And then my freaking roommate got — violated my sh*t and got me f**king on the run and stuff.

A: Officer.

W: Yeah.

A: If I’m feeling suicidal, now’s the time to tell you right?

W: Yeah.

A: Okay.

W: They’ll take care of you at the jail.

A: I hope so. I don’t know if I’ll make it.

W: What do you mean?

A: I mean I want to kill myself.

W: Do you have the means to do so right now?

A: Yes, sir.

W: What?

A: I have a loaded firearm to my head. Officer do not do any –

W: No.

A: Officer, I will shoot myself.

W: No.

A: I will do it. I will do it.

W: He’s got a gun.

A: I’ll do it. I’ll do it.

W: He’s in the backseat.

A: I will do it.

W: Where’d he get that?

W: We searched him.

A: Get back. Get back.

W: We’re at 6th and Lavaca.


W: He just told me he was suicidal.


W: He’s been wiggling around a lot in the car and I was like, what the heck is going on?


W: Where did he get it?

Dispatch: 6th and Lavaca. 6th and Lavaca.

W: Sir, keep going, get out of the way.

(Sirens and dispatch)

Man: STOP!

A: I’m going to kill myself.

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Re: Teenage Suspect Suicides in the Back of a Patrol Car

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