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Larry Lee Smith, Rapist & Most Likely Killer of Michelle Anderson 

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Larry Lee Smith, Rapist & Most Likely Killer of Michelle Anderson

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Larry Lee Smith is a career killer who has spent most of adult life raping underage girls. He is what the FBI calls a power rapist who operates on the assumption that women owe him sex. Masking his doubts with machismo, he feels he is not really a man unless he can seize whatever he wants.

He has been convicted of several rapes of underage girls, but he is also a suspect in the presumed death Michelle Anderson, who was 15 years old at the time of her disappearance.

I just finishes reading the book named "Similar Transactions", this book outlines his life, as well as the crimes he committed. It's a very good read for those who are into reading true crime.

This man was once caught by a girlfriend placing sugar on his penis, than dangling it in front of a toddler in order to get the child to lick the sugar off.

Below is an excerpt from one of his appeals I was able to locate, yet if you have time, the book is really well written, and this man truly is pure evil.

The twenty-year-old victim testified that she was from Atlanta, Georgia and that she currently lived in Georgia. When she was sixteen, the victim left school and moved to Knoxville with her boyfriend. The couple did not have stable housing and they
lived at Christy Harris’s apartment at Volunteer Studios in October 2011. On October 24, 2011, the victim returned to the apartments from the library and learned from the Defendant and Christy that her boyfriend had been arrested. The victim immediately began to cry, and Christy left to retrieve a cell phone for the victim to use.

While waiting for Christy to return, the victim sat in a green chair in the Defendant’s one-room studio apartment. As she continued to cry, the Defendant attempted to console her. The victim accepted his offer of tea and cigarettes, but she did not want any food. The Defendant asked the victim if they could switch places so that he could sit in the chair and
eat. The victim agreed and moved to the edge of the bed. The Defendant then proceeded to make peas and onions for himself and ate at the table. After eating, the Defendant turned on a movie and asked the victim to help him with something at the side of the bed. As the victim reached over to the edge, the Defendant placed a necktie around her wrist. When she pulled her hand away, the binding became tighter.

The victim testified that the Defendant told her to calm down, and he immediately dropped his pants. He then crawled between her legs and held them down with his body weight. The Defendant removed her leggings and told the victim he would kill her if she did not cooperate. He tried unsuccessfully to bind her left hand with another necktie. He placed
his forearm on the victim’s neck and she became light-headed and "could barely breathe." The Defendant told the victim that he would "break her fucking legs" if she kept her legs squeezed together. The victim testified that the Defendant’s "face was red, his eyes were watery, he was sweaty, very sweaty, his sweat was dripping on her." She said that the Defendant made her feel "really nasty" and that he used three fingers to penetrate her vagina. She stated that he also hit her at one point.

The Defendant stopped the assault when someone knocked at his door. He "jumped off" of the victim to see who was at the door. He then stated, "Nobody’s here, come back later." The victim yelled, "somebody’s here," but she did not cry out for help because she thought that the Defendant would kill her. She immediately untied herself and began putting on her clothes. The Defendant then moved the green chair in front of the door, sat down, and
said that she was not going anywhere. The victim told him that she would jump off the balcony. As she walked toward the door, the Defendant handed her a knife, which she took and placed on the table. The victim assumed that he wanted her to stab him, but she just wanted to leave. She was able to walk through the front door, but the Defendant asked her
not to say anything.

The victim then used a resident’s phone to call her boyfriend’s sister, who told her to go to the front office and call the police. After the police arrived, the victim met with someone from the sexual assault crisis center. She did not go to the hospital because her mother said that she could see a nurse or doctor upon returning to Georgia. However, the victim did not seek treatment in Georgia. After the assault, she had some difficulty swallowing and limped for a few days. The victim also had vaginal discharge for a week. She identified various photographs of the Defendant’s apartment from the day in question.

On cross-examination, the victim denied that she and the Defendant had discussed selling his prescription medication to raise $500 to help the victim and her boyfriend. She said that she was crying about the arrest and did not think about anything else.

Kathy Brown testified that she was the manager at Volunteer Studios in Knoxville and that the Defendant was a tenant in 2011. She said that on October 24, 2011, the Defendant came down to the front desk "a couple of times" and that he appeared red-faced and sweaty. She stated that the victim, who was "visibly upset," later came down to the front desk and reported being raped by the Defendant in his apartment. Ms. Brown then brought the victim to her office, and they called the police. A recording of the 911 call was played for the jury without objection. Ms. Brown was uncomfortable with the situation and asked another employee, Scott Brown, to come down to the front desk. She then stayed in her office with
the victim until the police arrived.

Scott Brown testified that on October 24, 2011, his manager called for him to come to the office where he observed the victim "crying hysterically." He remained at the front desk because Ms. Brown was worried. While he was waiting for the police, the Defendant returned to the front desk appearing "beet red" and "out of breath." The Defendant asked
to speak with the manager, and Mr. Brown told him that the best thing to do was to wait for the police. Mr. Brown then accompanied the Defendant when he went outside to smoke a cigarette. The Defendant "was saying how [the victim] wanted him to and stuff," and Mr. Brown told him that he was not taking sides. He stayed with the Defendant until the police
arrived. He acknowledged on cross-examination that the Defendant did not try to leave after learning that the police had been called.

Investigator Patricia Tipton of the Knoxville Police Department testified that she was the lead investigator in the Defendant’s case. She interviewed the Defendant at the police station after the assault. Investigator Tipton said that the Defendant was calm and did not want to speak at first but then changed his mind. He consented to DNA swabbing of his
hands and advised Investigator Tipton that the victim’s DNA would be present because he had touched her.

The Defendant also consented to a search of his apartment. After Investigator Tipton advised the Defendant that the victim reported being tied down, the Defendant asked Investigator Tipton for his cell phone so that he could show her images of
consenting women bound in neckties. The Defendant told Investigator Tipton that the victim had been staying with Christy Harris and that he had previously paid Christy to be bound with ties. After receiving the phone, Investigator Tipton wrote and executed a search warrant to obtain the photos that she saw. However, the Defendant had deleted the bondage images while the phone was still in his possession.

A redacted video recording of the interview was played for the jury. At the start of the recording, the Defendant told Investigator Tipton, "Whatever she says happened happened." During the DNA swabbing, Investigator Tipton advised the Defendant that she
was looking for the victim’s vaginal secretions on his hands. The Defendant responded, "Her DNA will be on my hands because I have touched her." The Defendant later told Investigator Tipton that he was being set up. He subsequently stated, "I guess the comment I made about being able to take care of her better than a crack dealer really really set her off."
According to Investigator Tipton, the Defendant "couldn’t decide which version of events
he wanted to go with."

Investigator Tipton also interviewed the victim on the day of the assault. She said that the victim was "upset" and "shaken" at first but was "exceptionally articulate" during the interview. After searching the Defendant’s apartment, Investigator Tipton found many facts that corroborated what the victim had reported. She also verified that the victim’s boyfriend
had been arrested that day.

The fifty-two-year-old Defendant testified on his own behalf. He said that he moved to Volunteer Studios in May 2011 after sustaining an injury in a car
accident. He met the victim and her boyfriend when they were staying with Christy Harris, who lived downstairs. On the morning of October 24, 2011, the Defendant went to court to testify against a man who had robbed him. The Defendant believed that this man may have set him up.

Shortly after the Defendant returned to his apartment at around noon, Christy arrived and told him that the victim’s boyfriend had just been arrested. About ten minutes later, the victim knocked on his door. The Defendant considered the victim to be a friend so he
comforted her as she cried about her boyfriend’s arrest. He testified that Christy then left to use a phone because she "was looking for an excuse to leave." He said that Christy did not want the victim to leave with her because Christy wanted to sell an electronic device that belonged to the victim’s boyfriend.

The Defendant told the victim that he was sorry about her boyfriend’s arrest. He felt somewhat responsible because he had kicked a man named David out of his apartment the night before. David then stole quarters from the laundry room and went to Christy’s
apartment. The next day, the police were called, and David and the victim’s boyfriend were arrested. The Defendant said that he must have made the victim mad, and "that started it." He then prepared some tea and peas because it was lunchtime. He switched places with the victim and sat down in the chair to eat. The victim made herself comfortable on the
bed because she "felt at home in his apartment." They discussed ways of earning money because neither of them had any. The victim began to cry again when they talked about her boyfriend. The Defendant "walked over and held her" and told her not to cry. He "talked bad" about how the victim’s boyfriend never bought her any clothes. The Defendant testified that he "made a mistake" with these negative comments and that the victim was angered as a result.

The Defendant testified that the victim asked him for $500, but the Defendant did not have any money. He said that he rejected the victim’s plan to earn money from selling his prescription painkillers. The victim then began to cry again and told the Defendant that she was leaving. After the victim left, the Defendant felt that he "needed to go talk to somebody." He put on his shirt and shoes and went downstairs to talk to the manager, Kathy Brown. He said that another resident told him that the victim and the manager were calling the police on him. The Defendant then went downstairs because he had done nothing wrong.
He smoked some cigarettes outside and waited for the police to arrive. He denied telling Scott Brown that the victim "wanted it" He explained that when he told Investigator Tipton that he had touched the victim, he meant that he had tried to comfort her.

On cross-examination, the Defendant said that the victim was "vengeful," and he denied digitally penetrating her vagina. He acknowledged showing Investigator Tipton photos of Christy tied to the bed with neckties. He explained that the victim was always around Christy and would have known to mention the neckties to the police. He said that the
victim was "real mad" at him because he tried to make her feel better by "talking bad" about
her boyfriend. The last thing the Defendant said to the victim was, "I hope he does more time." The Defendant agreed that he was sweating when he went to the front desk. He did not know what happened to the photographs on his phone and said that he could have accidentally deleted them. He acknowledged that he had a prior felony conviction in Florida and another in Georgia. The Defendant conceded that he had provided various reasons for
why the victim would accuse him of rape. He insisted that the victim was "looking for revenge."
Here is the original missing person flyer that was made when Michelle Anderson went missing. It is thought by police that Larry Lee Smith raped and killed her.

Click image for larger version

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Picture and Video Clip Stats.
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I've been told numerous times by different people to do modeling and I considered it
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Re: Larry Lee Smith, Rapist & Most Likely Killer of Michelle Anderson

Definitely a strong suspect
Article at that time about the Michelle Anderson case :
In January 1987, Michelle Anderson, 15, was reported missing. Two years later her body turned up in Crossville, TN. Police believe Anderson was murdered and say they have a strong person of interest.

Investigator Jeff Day is still putting together the exact pieces of the story. "She was a very popular girl, very outgoing," he said.

He says it all began when she went out to a party with her friends. Sometime that night, they found an older man named Larry Lee Smith who helped them buy some alcohol. Smith then stayed with the crowd.

"We've found some witnesses from that day. It's hard to find witnesses over 20 years later, but we've found some," Day said.

Day says he's found out Smith was last seen dropping the rest of the group off at an intersection, but left with Michelle still in his truck. That was the last time she was seen.

"What happened after she left with him I don't know, only he can tell us," said Day.

Two years after Michelle was reported missing Dr. Bill Bass was called to the scene of a body being found Cumberland County. Bass was the forensic anthropologist for the State Medical Examiner's system at the time.

"A man walking his dog had found some skeletal remains," said Dr. Bass.

Dr. Bass says the jewelry and dental records from that scene helped them quickly identify the body as Michelle's. They believe she had been murdered, but with two years of decomposition, it was tough to get evidence to link the body to a killer.

With the bones they did gather, they were not able to narrow down an exact cause of death either. They could tell she had not been beaten or stabbed.

"She could have been strangled or smothered. Possibly a drug was used that rendered her unconscious and caused her death," Dr. Bass said.

After Michelle's body was found, Smith, spent time behind bars for an unrelated case where he was charged with sexual battery in Georgia.

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Re: Larry Lee Smith, Rapist & Most Likely Killer of Michelle Anderson

i live in knoxville and i don't ever remember hearing about this.

nobody loves me. nobody cares.
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Re: Larry Lee Smith, Rapist & Most Likely Killer of Michelle Anderson

What a sick fuck. Too bad the key wasn't thrown away with respect to him long ago.

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Re: Larry Lee Smith, Rapist & Most Likely Killer of Michelle Anderson

This man was once caught by a girlfriend placing sugar on his penis, than dangling it in front of a toddler in order to get the child to lick the sugar off.

Someone please shoot this POS dead. Vile MF

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Re: Larry Lee Smith, Rapist & Most Likely Killer of Michelle Anderson

His face alone deserves a death sentence

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Re: Larry Lee Smith, Rapist & Most Likely Killer of Michelle Anderson

When he meets the almighty, may he be sentenced to spend eternity burning in hell

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Re: Larry Lee Smith, Rapist & Most Likely Killer of Michelle Anderson

We all forget about the monsters under our bed when we find out these people live among us

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