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The Horrific Murder of Lazaro "Baby Lollipops" Figueroa 

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The Horrific Murder of Lazaro "Baby Lollipops" Figueroa

Back in 1990, the 3-year-old son of Ana Cardona was tortured to death by Cardona and her lesbian lover, Olivia Gonzalez. There's an in-depth article by Rolling Stone on the whole situation. Here's some excerpts from the article:

"It's a crime that has haunted South Florida for decades. On November 2nd, 1990, two Florida Power & Light employees were working in the wealthy Miami Beach neighborhood of La Gorce around 8:30 a.m. when they made a discovery: Under the cherry hedge between a house's driveway and a garden wall, lying in a pile of grass and leaves, was the dead body of a little boy wearing only a diaper and a T-shirt with lollipops across the front. He quickly became known as Baby Lollipops.

He was, police would announce several weeks later, just three years old. He had been starved and beaten, his soiled diaper wrapped to his emaciated body using brown packing tape. The medical examiner would tell the courts that when the diaper was removed, it was so caked with the baby's excrement it had been like removing a cast. A blunt object – later determined to be a baseball bat – had fractured his skull; there was a cigarette burn on his left cheek and dozens of other injuries, including broken bones, broken teeth and bedsores from being tied to a mattress for prolonged periods. His left arm had been broken months before, an injury so severe that rather than healing, the nerves had died and the muscles calcified into bone – a painful process that lasted months. It was determined that he'd been tortured for about a year and a half. At the time of his death, he weighed only eighteen pounds."

This is truly one of the most disturbing cases I have ever read about. That poor child must have endured unfathomable pain and suffering. So, so sad.

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Re: The Horrific Murder of Lazaro "Baby Lollipops" Figueroa

How anyone could do that to a child, I will never understand. Truly heart breaking.

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Re: The Horrific Murder of Lazaro "Baby Lollipops" Figueroa

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Re: The Horrific Murder of Lazaro "Baby Lollipops" Figueroa

the poor child and the evil bitch of a mother

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Re: The Horrific Murder of Lazaro "Baby Lollipops" Figueroa

Wow, truly unbelievable... Unimaginable to some extent... what kind of sick fucking degenerate would even come close to hit a child, never mind reach this level of aggression and abuse...

Not even death is enough to punish this behavior, unless they're fed away to some cartel executioner.

Remember the old internet?, where man were man, woman were man and kids were FBI agents.
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