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Drunk the Boy's Blood

Drunk the boy's blood - Dismemberment
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: April 19, 1998
Date of birth: August 11, 1977
Victim profile: David Cardenas (male, 12)
Method of murder: Slit the boy's throat with a knife
Location: Hidalgo County, Texas, USA
Status: Sentenced to death March 30, 1999

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Twelve-year-old David Cardenas was still alive when his killer drank the blood from his wounds, according to a videotaped confession Pablo Lucio Vasquez later gave police. After Cardenas' April 1998 murder, his body was mutilated and buried in a shallow grave in Donna, Texas.

Vasquez, who admitted slitting Cardenas’ throat and beating him to death before stealing a ring and chain from the body, was executed Wednesday for the crime. He was 38.

“I started hearing voices in my head, and I told my cousin that somebody was telling me to kill him,” Vasquez said in his confession.

After his final appeals were denied by the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday afternoon, Vasquez was strapped to a gurney in the Huntsville Unit shortly after 6 p.m. He was injected with a lethal dose of pentobarbital and pronounced dead at 6:35 p.m.

In his final statement, he thanked his family and apologized to Cardenas' family.

"This is the only way that I can be forgiven," he said from the execution chamber. "You got your justice right here."

In his last appeal, Vasquez claimed he wasn't given a fair trial because the court “repeatedly excused prospective jurors with sympathies against the death penalty but still qualified to serve,” according to the petition originally filed with the state. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals had already rejected his claim.

In previous unsuccessful appeals, Vasquez's attorneys argued that the murder shouldn't have been considered a capital crime because Vasquez didn't kill Cardenas intending to rob him, according to court documents. They have also claimed that his trial counsel was ineffective for not using an insanity defense.

Sometime in the early morning of April 18, 1998, Cardenas, Vasquez, then 20, and Vasquez’s cousin, 15-year-old Andres Chapa, left a party together. Vasquez had been drinking, smoking marijuana and snorting cocaine, according to his confession.
When they got to the house where Chapa’s mother was staying, Vasquez said he “blacked out” and started hearing voices telling him to kill Cardenas. He struck the boy several times in the back of the head with a pipe.

Vasquez then slit Cardenas’ throat while Chapa began to prepare a grave, Vasquez said.

“He was still saying something, and I picked him up in the air,” Vasquez said in his confession. “The blood was dripping and got it all over my face. So, I don’t know, I mean something just told me drink.”

Vasquez put Cardenas back down, and Chapa hit the boy in the face with a shovel five or six times, according to Vasqeuz’s statement.

The two dug a small hole, placed Cardenas in it, and covered him with grass and pieces of wood.

When police found Cardenas’ body on April 22, he was scalped and missing a foot, arm and part of his other arm. Skin had been cut from his back, court documents stated.

Vasquez confessed to the murder after his arrest and was indicted on capital murder charges for the boy’s death and the theft of his jewelry. He was convicted and sentenced to death in March 1999 in Hidalgo County, just over 17 years ago.

Chapa was also convicted but received a 35-year-sentence because he was a minor. He first became eligible for parole last year but was denied in December. His next shot at parole is in 2020, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

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Re: Drunk the Boy's Blood

What a pair of monsters. "A voice told me to kill him". Even if a real voice told me to kill someone I wouldn't do it. What was the other guy's excuse, did he hear a voice as well? Bull, they were both just depraved and fucked up on coke.

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Re: Drunk the Boy's Blood

Think the whole drugs, booze story he told was a way to maybe get a lighter sentence.
found this newspaper clipping from 1998.
the blood drinking and on the murder date makes me also think it had to do with some satanic ritual.
A South Texas teen accused of taking
part in the possible ritual murder of a 12-year-old boy could face life in prison if convicted of capital murder.

Andres Rafael Chapa, 15, was certified Friday for trial as an adult in the mutilation slaying
of David Cardenas.

Cardenas’ body was found a few miles from the main street running through Donna, a
small South Texas town.

The boy had apparently fallen in with a rough group of kids in an attempt to fit in, police said.

They believe that one night
during the weekend of April 17,
two young men from that crowd
killed David in a shed outside a
rundown mobile home.
His body was then partly
dragged, partly carried through
a grassy alley, across a street
and finally dumped in a field a
few hundred feet away behind
a grafitti-covered building.
Cardenas’ slaying, along with
accounts that his body was
missing both arms, a foot, several
teeth and his scalp, created
a stir in this border town of
about 14,000.
Prosecutors contend that
Chapa and Pablo Lucio
Vasquez killed Cardenas as
part of a ritual sacrifice.
The dates the boy was murdered,
either April 17 or 18, was
of special interest to police.
Both dates are important holidays
on a satanic calendar the
police use as a reference.
“When I saw this child and the
way they did the things they did
to him I said ‘Jesus Christ, I
don’t think these people have a
heart or anything,”’ said Donna
Police Chief Miguel Carreon. “It
affected all of us.”
But police have not pointed to
ritual sacrifice as the clear
motive in the case.
Jury selection began this
week in Vasquez’ trial. If convicted,
the 21-year-old could
be sentenced to death.
The Donna police department’s
anti-gang efforts have
identified 23 gangs in the area,
including three whose rituals
have been labeled as satanic.
Police said gang members
have been known to flash gang
symbols they say symbolize
the devil.
Detective David Fuentes said
the so-called satanic activity is
said to have its roots in the
black magic of indigenous
Mexican folklore.
But Susan Robbins, the associate
dean for academic affairs
at the University of Houston
Graduate School of Social
Work, doesn’t believe these
tales of small-town Satanism.
She has researched the subject
and says there’s no widespread
evidence of organized
satanic activity in the Donna

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Re: Drunk the Boy's Blood

Originally Posted by deanmine View Post
In previous unsuccessful appeals, Vasquez's attorneys argued that the murder shouldn't have been considered a capital crime because Vasquez didn't kill Cardenas intending to rob him, according to court documents.
GodDAMN do I hate the fucking "justice system" sometimes. What kind of fucking bullshit is this? "Oh, I only intended to kill and dismember him, but I wasn't gonna rob him so it's not a bad crime"? Fuck you!!!

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