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-CHILD WARNING - The Murder of 15 Month Old Alissa Guernsey

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-CHILD WARNING - The Murder of 15 Month Old Alissa Guernsey 

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Old 05-26-2018, 01:36 AM
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Alissa Guernsey was born on November 2nd 2007 in indianna and tragically she never made it to her second birthday because she was brutally beaten to death by her caregiver.

Shortly after Alissa's birth her father died in a car accident leaving her mother Kelli Sprunger too distraught to care for any of her three children. Kelli agreed to allow her children to stay with her cousin named Christy Schafer until she was well again. Unfortunately that day would never come. As Kelli turned to a life of drugs Christy was granted custody of the children and only allowed Kelli to see the two older children from then on. Presumably because she wanted to cover the horiffic abuse she was inflicting on baby Alissa. Sadly not even the child's Pediatrician took notice. Christy continuously took baby Alissa to doctors and specialist claiming her hair was mysteriously falling out and also said she was puzzled as to why Alyssa bruised so easily.
It's infuriating to know that not one of these physician's saw the pattern of abuse or intervened to save the babies life.

On March 28th of 2009 the abuse ended along with Alissa's life. Christy and all the children were driving and Alissa was in her car-seat behind her. Sometime during that car ride Christy became frustrated with Alissa and started to beat Alissa before grabbing her by the hair and banging her head multiple times against the car seat hard enough to cause fatal injuries. After multiple strikes Alissa lost consciousness. She was beaten into a coma. Christy then continued on driving to rent a movie and on to McDonald's drive through. She then drove home and got all the kids situated with thier food as Alissa's comatose body sit strapped into her car seat. Finally after several hours she called her brother who worked as an EMT. Upon arrival the brother noticed that Alissa was cold to the touch and had no heartbeat so he immediately called 911. Alissa was then rushed to the hospital where a team of doctors desperately tried to save the little girl for 45 minutes. Despite their hardest efforts baby Alissa was pronounced dead on March 28, 2009 at 9:54p.m. She was only fifteen months old.

Following an autopsy two medical examiners reported that Alissa had been dead for hours before help had been called. Her death was ruled a homicide due to blunt force trauma to the head. Additionally She was covered in bruises, marks and lacerations consist with a pattern of prolonged abuse. Her internal injuries were just as horrific as her external injuries. Most of the marks were focused on her head. Her arm was broken which meant Alissa was in agonizing pain prior to her death. The insides of her mouth were gouged into two open sores.

Soon after Christy Shaffer was arrested but never charged with her murder. Instead, she was only convicted of a singular count of a Class B Felony and neglect of a dependent. She would end up serving only 77 days in jail

On May 25, 2011, Circuit Court Judge J. Scott VanDerbeck sentenced Shaffer to 10 years in prison, suspending six of them. On Aug. 11 that year, he modified her sentence to time served — 77 days — freeing her to six months of home detention and three years' probation.

By 2014 Christy had violated her probation by allowing meth to be manufactured in her home along with failing a drug test. She was the ordered to serve 6 years with an additional 180 days in top of that for the meth charges.

This is a quote made by Judge Vanderbeck who presided over the trial.
“I’m not tipping my hand and suggesting that I know what I’m doing yet as to the ultimate resolution, I’m just — you don’t get faced with stuff like this and these people are being nice and if you take their side, and something tragic would happen with a child and a ticking time bomb — ah — that doesn’t make them bad, it kind of just makes them at the wrong place at the wrong time,” VanDerbeck said at one point, according to the transcript.
Documenting Reality





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fuck her and fuck that judge.

poor fucking kid.
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Rest in peace, Alissa Guernsey. Fuck this Christy Shaffer cunt. Fuck the Judge.
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There are people who are valued and there are those who are not
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Fuck that Scott VanDerbeck judge.
Of course there's more to the story.

The recent Tribune series quoted the judge from 2009 hearing transcripts. VanDerbeck spoke during that hearing, which was called to determine what would happen to the other children in Shaffer's household after Alissa's death; the judge mentioned Shaffer's father, a local bank vice president whom he knew in the small community. "I know he's got a good heart," the judge said about Kerry Sprunger, Christy Shaffer's father.

Meanwhile, an online protest of what some have regarded as leniency has continued to grow exponentially over the last month, and followers have bombarded VanDerbeck, LaGrange Prosecutor Jeff Wible and others with letters and calls for the case to be reopened.

VanDerbeck declined to speak with The Tribune earlier, citing state law. But his order of recusal reflects a notable level of frustration.

"In this case an inflamed atmosphere has been created by people unconnected to this case," he wrote. "When a judge, in a community plagued with methamphetamine use, attempts to resolve a dispute involving drug use, family problems, the tragic death of an infant, and conflicting accounts of who is to blame -- the rule of law provides guidance for justice.

"When an enflamed atmosphere follows, based on a fictional account of circumstantial evidence, that places unsupported blame on the innocent," he continued, "and the judge, not the facts that were presented at hearing, becomes the central focus, it is a sad day for justice in America."

VanDerbeck appointed DeKalb Superior Court Judge Kevin P. Wallace as special judge.
Although those following the Facebook movement spearheading much of the letter-writing campaign -- -- push for the case to be reopened and Shaffer to be charged with a greater crime in the baby's death, legal authorities are consistent in saying Constitutional double jeopardy rules would prevent new charges.

But another judge could review VanDerbeck's part of the case, including his decision to modify Shaffer's prison time.

Alissa's mother, Kelli Sprunger, had lost her children after Alissa's father died in a car crash and she spiraled back into drug use. Sprunger supported her cousin's willingness to temporarily take in those three children in December 2008, a few months before Alissa was found dead and her death ruled a homicide.

But at Shaffer's sentencing hearing in May 2011, VanDerbeck accused Sprunger of also being responsible for the toddler's death.

Sprunger, told today of the judge's recusal, said she is convinced VanDerbeck was biased toward Shaffer's family, and she is relieved another judge will look at the case.

She said she hopes the new judge will have access to all of the evidence available and that she is allowed to testify.

"If they look at all the evidence ... she will have to do some more time," Sprunger said of Shaffer. "That's what I'm praying for. (Her release) is a disgrace to justice."

Although in his order the judge referred to "conflicting accounts of who is to blame" for Alissa's death, Indiana State Police Detective Jeff Boyd said earlier this month Shaffer was investigators' only suspect. Shaffer, despite pleading guilty to neglect of a dependent, has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

An autopsy showed Alissa's face swollen with bruises, matching several on her body, and the toddler's head was bleeding internally from fresh trauma.

Investigators photographed two cuts in her mouth about a week old, and a fresh injury on her lip. The autopsy determined her hair had been pulled out; records also noted broken bones in stages of healing.

Indiana University law professor Charles Geyh, who specializes in judicial ethics, said today that based on the transcripts of the 2009 hearing, he believes grounds existed for the judge to disqualify himself from Shaffer's case because of his relationship to the family.

"The applicable standard for disqualification is whether a reasonable person fully informed of the facts would doubt the judge's impartiality. This judge does not sound as though he is saying that standard was met," Geyh wrote in an email. "Rather, he seems to be implying that the concerns are misguided."

VanDerbeck appointed his own replacement, citing state law. Geyh said a prosecutor could likely ask for a different judge if he were concerned about the impartiality of VanDerbeck's choice.
Wible said today he does not object to Wallace's appointment.

'It would be unfair'

The prosecutor said he was not surprised VanDerbeck recused himself for the reasons he stated in his order, including the public pressure over the case.

The Facebook page, whose fans number more than 81,000 and who call themselves Alissa's Army, posted this Monday:

"We have heard from a reporter from Fox 55 News (in Fort Wayne) who wants to cover Alissa's story. She reached Prosecutor Jeff Wible who stated that he will NOT reopen this case 'because no one in Indiana cares about it.' " Hundreds of outraged comments were posted in response.

This was also part of the post: "The reporter wants to know if she can get supporters to come to the LaGrange County Courthouse on Friday November 2nd (Alissa's Birthday) to show that there ARE people who "CARE" about Alissa's case!"

And still
Indiana judicial elections, 2014 VanDerbeck ran for re-election to the LaGrange County Circuit Court.
Primary: He was successful in the Republican primary on May 6, 2014, receiving 58.9 percent of the vote. He competed against R. Larry Helmer.
General: He was unopposed in the general election on November 4, 2014.
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This story is truly disgusting...
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Sounds to me someone bought a judge.... No reason why that bitch should have got away with any of that...
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I never can understand why any adult could hurt such a innocent child. POS human she is.
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