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Woolly Mammoth Skeleton Found Near Paris 

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The accidental discovery was made by archaeologists exploring an ancient Roman site 30 miles east of the French capital in Changis-Sur-Marne.
Researchers say it is the only the third long-haired mammoth to be discovered in France in the last 150 years, with such finds more common in northern Siberia.

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Head of the excavation, Greg Bayle, said it was extremely rare to find such a well-preserved carcass of the long-extinct animal.
'Some archaeologists have spent have spent their lives dreaming of such a discovery with no luck,' he said.
He added that the mammoth, believed to have died as a relatively young adult, would have existed when the surrounding land was a vast grassy plain, with ice blocks flowing across the nearby River Marne.
The dig team also found two flint blades next to the giant 9ft creature, suggesting it may have been hunted and killed for food by Neanderthals.
'The greatest prize are the flints nearby,' said Stephane Pean, another scientist involved.
'They show the presence of man on the side, and will help us built up a better understanding of the Neanderthals, who were contemporaries of the mammoth.'
Scientist are attempting to discover how it died and are exploring a theory that it may have drowned in the nearby river.
Woolly mammoths became completely extinct approximately 10,000 years ago due to the combined effects of being hunted by humans and climate change.

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The dig team also found two flint blades next to the giant 9ft creature, suggesting it may have been hunted and killed for food by Neanderthals
how cool is that
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Evidence of a 10,000 year old BBQ tailgate party.
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That's pretty awesome.
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