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The War on the Poor and Working Families 

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Old 03-26-2014, 05:52 PM
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Re: The War on the Poor and Working Families

Originally Posted by Nasty Nuggets View Post
If you need unemployment for more than six months, I'd have to say you're just lazy and not looking for a job. How is not giving people free money keeping them down? I think he's got it backwards. Giving people shit gives them no in incentive to better themselves. Teach a man to work for his money, and he can feed his family for a lifetime. As far as infrastructure, I don't know who's against rebuilding it, but I don't really follow all the politicians. I will say this though... I was in the labor union for years doing road work and 90% of road work in America is done by the union's. How much money do the big unions give politicians? All the campaign contributions they give, they get right back with overpriced contracts for construction.
That's why the system is broken.. Corporate and union lobbyists control the entire structure of anything that is tried to get accomplished. Not all unions or corporations lobby solely to keep their profit up, but most do.

As for unemployment, just because someone doesn't get a job for six months it in no way immediately labels them as lazy. If you get laid off from a well paying job, it takes time to find another. If you have a mortgage, car payment, family to take care of, you can't just start working at McDonald's for 7.25 an hour.

I'll give a prime example with my mother. She worked as a stock broker for 25 years before she got laid off in 09 after the dotcom bubble crash. She didn't get to take a retirement, she got fucked by her boss because he needed to keep his profit margins up. He fired all the long-term employees and hired new ones at a fraction of the old salary. She looked for work for a year and a half constantly with vigor before she finally found one.

I don't consider myself a democrat. The entire system is in total shambles. I follow politics enough to know where both sides fall on the issues. The one thing I do notice is the Republican party's entire policy agenda seems to be to cut funding to programs for the poor and halting infrastructure projects. The vast majority of their stances don't make common sense; Minimum wage, Climate change, halting infrastructure projects, shutting the government down, abortion, and I could go on and on.

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