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Two Women Stabbed In Turkey Over 'Marriage Row' 

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Two Women Stabbed In Turkey Over 'Marriage Row'

Two women from Northern Ireland have been murdered in a forest in Turkey.
A 17-year-old teenager from the country is said to have carried out the attack near Izmir after a row over marriage.
Turkish media named the women as Marion Elizabeth Grahon, 54 and Kathy Winsmore, 54.
The alarm was raised by Mrs Grahon's daughter Shannon, 15, after the women, both believed to be from County Down, failed to return home from their trip earlier this week.

A Turkish news agency claims the girl's teenage boyfriend stabbed the women in a frenzied attack because he was not allowed to marry one of the daughters, believed to be Shannon.
Turkish police questioned the girl's 17-year-old boyfriend, named locally as Recep C, who initially denied any involvement with their disappearance.
But following a search of their estate blood-stained clothing was reportedly discovered in a bin.
The media claims that when confronted with the clothing Recep admitted his involvement.
Local media claim the waiter hired a taxi in the resort of Kusadasi to take him and the middle-aged women from to the city of Izmir around 62 miles (100 kilometers) away to meet his father.

He is then allegedly to have confessed taking the two women in his father's car to a quiet woodland area of the regional capital Izmir, where he stabbed them both to death.
It was not clear if the women met the father.
The youth is reported to have been arrested and is being questioned by police.
Police in Izmir confirmed that a suspect had been detained, but refused further information.

The news agency said the boy's father and the taxi driver were also detained for questioning.
The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs said the women are from County Down in Northern Ireland. It said one of the women owned property in Kusadasi.
It is understood one of the women owns a property in the Kusadasi area and the pair, who were travelling on Irish passports, were visiting Izmir when they were attacked.
Irish diplomats are liaising with relatives of the two women and another has been dispatched from Ankara to Izmir to liaise with Turkish police.
A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin confirmed consular staff are trying to track down family members.
'We are providing consular assistance through the embassy in Ankara,' the spokesman said.
South Down MP Margaret Ritchie said she was shocked by the deaths and offered her sympathy to the bereaved families.
'My thoughts are with those involved in this terrible incident,' she said.
'And also with their families, who never got the chance to say goodbye to their loved ones.
'I think all the people of South Down will be saddened by this news.'
A local hotelier from Kusadasi has also travelled to the city to be with daughter of one of the dead women.
The area is visited by thousands of Irish and British holidaymakers every summer.

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Re: Two Women Stabbed In Turkey Over 'Marriage Row'

"Stabbed In Turkey"

Here is a better shot of one of the victims:

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Re: Two Women Stabbed In Turkey Over 'Marriage Row'


Yesterday, Shannon Graham's father Raymond McGuinness, who flew to Turkey from his home in Northern Ireland to comfort his daughter, suggested Cetin was determined to marry Shannon in part because he was "keen to get hold" of a holiday apartment which Mr McGuinness owned in Kusadasi, close to the one where the women were living.

Mr McGuinness accused Cetin, who grew up in an impoverished area of eastern Turkey, of being a "gold digger"
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