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Texas Equusearch Files Lawsuit for Caylee Search 

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Texas Equusearch Files Lawsuit for Caylee Search

Texas EquuSearch Files Lawsuit Against Casey Anthony's Family

Updated: Tuesday, 12 Jul 2011, 11:39 PM CDT
Published : Tuesday, 12 Jul 2011, 3:31 PM CDT



HOUSTON - Casey Anthony will get served in jail tomorrow by the attorneys for Texas EquuSearch.

Tim Miller, the group’s founder, says valuable resources were wasted searching for little Caylee, who apparently never missing.

EquuSearch filed a civil lawsuit in Florida's Orange County Courthouse on Tuesday. It’s the same courthouse where jurors last week found the Florida mom not guilty of murdering her 2-year old daughter.

EquuSearch wants to be reimbursed for the time and expenses used in the search for Caylee Anthony.

It was 1 week ago Casey Anthony received a not guilty verdict in the apparent murder of her daughter.

While that verdict is being debated all over the world, EquuSearch believes the 25-year-old is definitely guilty of lying to them and wasting their time, valuable resources and over $100,000.

”We got 15 plus other calls from families all over the country when we were looking for Caylee that we had to turn down because 4,200-plus volunteers were here plus nearly 55 people from our Houston group, our core team and other valuable members from around the country that were down there focused on the search for Caylee,” said Miller.

From the Orange County Courthouse, Miller said the lawsuit is filed on behalf of their donors. The non-profit relies solely on donations and volunteers.

“I’m doing it for the donors, I’m doing it for the families in the future that will be calling us, again if we spent all that on a child that was never missing,” said Miller. “We’re only asking to get back what we spent and we certainly have received some good records of what we spent, it wouldn’t be fair to ask for anything else.”

The attorneys representing EquuSearch, Alex Kapetan and Mark Wites, believe their case is strong. They’ve learned about Casey Anthony's lies, omissions and deception through her recent criminal trial.

“We feel the case itself is very very strong,” said attorney Alex Kapetan. “We think that she knew that Caylee wasn’t out there, we think she knew where she was and that the search never should’ve happened.”

“My law firm is doing the case pro bono, we’re not charging any fees, because we support what Texas EquuSearch does,” said attorney Marc Wites.

Even though Tim Miller now knows he was lied to by both Casey and her parents, he doesn't regret the large searches EquuSearch organized and conducted in 2008 for little Caylee Anthony.

“I don’t regret taking them down here because we came down here with the info we had, I met Casey and she said I know my daughter is alive out there and do ev

Read more: http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/news...#ixzz1S0DNVjMK

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