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Teenage Girl Murder Dublin, Ireland 

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Re: Teenage Girl Murder Dublin, Ireland

Originally Posted by Aerodc8 View Post
This is the.price Ireland will pay after the Irish have legalized divorce, contraception, same sex marriage & now abortion. When they walk away from their Catholic Faith the Irish are being cursed with the same things that plague every other country. Of course the Catholic Church in Ireland is as corrupt as everywhere else, with especially rampant homosexuality leading to the the rape of young males. Ireland is no longer a Catholic Nation. The Vatican II Church has led to a catastrophic loss of faith throughout the West, though it took a long time to catch up to Ireland. Really sad to see a Nation that had help save civilization 1,500 years ago after the last elements of Rome finally collapsed. The Irish surfered terrible injustices, including slavery, after refusing to renounce their Catholic Faith after Henry VIII demanded it. Irish missionaries & nuns converted half of Africa, Asia & Latin America. Now after all that they are returning to their pre Catholic barbarism. I guess it's now time for African missionaries to return the favor & reconvert the Irish. The Irish had been white people who had a good reputation with the people of Africa. History can be strange.
I imagine your parents wish those things were legalized when you were conceived

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