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Teen Lived in German Woods for 5 Years. 

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Re: Teen Lived in German Woods for 5 Years.

Originally Posted by thissiteisfuckedup View Post
No fucking Humans around..fuck yea!!
Need that shit sometimes.

In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.
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Re: Teen Lived in German Woods for 5 Years.

Originally Posted by Blewvane View Post
sleeping back
...what the fuck is a "sleeping back"...

Originally Posted by Oswald2001 View Post
I will make it plain.

MOHAMMED LIED. You are not the super-race.

He was a murdering child molesting con man. You've been played.

The monster in your life is YOU.
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Re: Teen Lived in German Woods for 5 Years.

Originally Posted by Mr.Goodbar View Post
Media stunt. Like that dude who could play the piano and pretended not to know anything. Or if piano guy was real then some other case like it which was true.
Main point: media stunt
More evidence for my theory that this is bullshit!

Doubts increase over forest boy Ray's story as he refuses to provide DNA sample

Ray mystery ... the boy who claims to have lived in a German forest for five years.

A boy who claims he lived in a German forest for five years has refused to provide a DNA sample, despite an elderly Swiss couple coming forward claiming to be his grandparents, German police say.

Mystery about the 17-year-old boy's identity has deepened since he turned up at Berlin's city hall on September 5 and told police he lived in a forest with his father for five years before the man died in August.

German police, who initially believed his story, said they were questioning his story after the boy, who was named by them as Ray, refused to co-operate with them.
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"We've had many many claims from as far away as US and Canada, as well as from Britain," German police spokesman Claudia Elitok told London's Daily Telegraph.

"Many of them could be easily ruled out but in other cases we cannot tell without DNA testing, which unfortunately he won't agree to do. The Swiss couple are one such claim that we are taking as credible, but we will have to wait to see whether there is in fact a connection.

"He can't or won't give us any help in finding connections. He can't even tell us whether he remembers using a train, boat or plane to get to Germany so it's very difficult to know where he came from."

Ray, described as blond with blue eyes and about 1.8 metres tall, speaks fluent English and broken German, police said.

He told police he first started living in forests after his mother Doreen died in a car crash five years ago.

But police said they had not found any reports of a "Doreen" involved in an accident in Germany in the past decade, the Daily Mail reported.

Interpol, the international police body, which was enlisted to help establish Ray's identity, has also been unable to shed any light on who Ray is.

"How can it be that someone who doesn't know who he is or how he has spent the last months or years isn't interested in finding out?" Berlin police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf told the Telegraph.

"He just doesn't look like a boy who lived in the forest for any amount of time. Maybe he is telling us a story that isn't true and that is why he doesn't want to go public."

Mr Neuendorf said the tent Ray carried with him when he arrived in Berlin did not look worn enough to have been used in a forest for five years.

"The tent he had with him was used, yes, but not so well used as you'd expect for such a long time in the forest. And he was clean and wearing clean clothes. His fingernails were well kept and his hands soft. Such things raise questions."

Ray has been appointed a legal guardian and is been cared for by the youth protection office in the Tempelhof-Schoneberg district of Berlin, English-language German newspaper The Local reported.

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Re: Teen Lived in German Woods for 5 Years.

Forest boy mystery solved; he's 20 and Dutch
BERLIN (AP) — The forest boy mystery is solved: It's not true.

Berlin police said Friday that an English-speaking teenage boy allegedly called Ray who wandered into the city nine months ago saying he had been living in the forest for the last five years has been spinning a yarn.

After publishing his picture earlier this week, police said a former girlfriend identified him as a 20-year-old from the Netherlands who was reported missing last September. Neither Dutch or Berlin police would identify him due to privacy laws, but Netherlands state broadcaster NOS interviewed several friends and said his name was Robin van Helsum.

A German security official with knowledge of the case, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the name. Dutch police spokeswoman Chantal Westerhoff said he was "a 20-year-old man from Hengelo" — near the German border.

When confronted with the facts, police say van Helsum admitted the truth.

"The young man known as 'Ray' was confronted with the results of the investigation," police said in a statement. "He then confirmed his real personal details and admitted that the previous story — that he had lived for years in the woods — had been invented."

A Dutch website on missing relatives carried an entry on Robin van Helsum, saying he was born in 1992 and had been missing since Sept. 2, 2011 — three days before he arrived in Berlin. Robin "left after leaving a farewell note. He was last seen traveling with a friend to Berlin. Since then every trace of him is gone," the entry on Vermist.nl says.

Berlin police said even though he had been reported missing, there was no active investigation into his disappearance because there was no evidence of foul play and he was an adult.

Van Helsum showed up Sept. 5 at Berlin city hall claiming that his mother had died in a car crash when he was 12 and he and his father had been living in the forest outside the German capital. He claimed not to know his last name or where he was from and spoke English but little German. He said his father had died in August and he buried him in the woods.

Police are now checking whether van Helsum could be charged with fraud.

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Re: Teen Lived in German Woods for 5 Years.

clean tent, good shape. doesnt fit his own story

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Re: Teen Lived in German Woods for 5 Years.

Someone give this faker a Gay lover a video camera and a ice pick.....I mean he wants fame and all!!!!

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Re: Teen Lived in German Woods for 5 Years.

Arsehole, why do people pull such stunts?

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Re: Teen Lived in German Woods for 5 Years.

hang him! and take a video

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Re: Teen Lived in German Woods for 5 Years.

what a prick. Was the five minutes of fame really worth it?

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