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Teen Kills Math Teacher After Class (how to Included) 

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Teen Kills Math Teacher After Class (how to Included)


This fucker was methodical as fuck!

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Re: Teen Kills Math Teacher After Class (how to Included)

Teen stayed after final bell with Danvers High School teacher before killing her, buying Wendy's meal with her credit card
Philip Chism, 14, stayed behind when his Algebra 1 class was dismissed for the day after his teacher, Colleen Ritzer, 24, asked him for time to prepare for a test on Tuesday. The teen was later caught on surveillance video donning white gloves and following the teacher to a second-floor bathroom, where he allegedly killed her.


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2013, 8:31 AM

A 14-year-old boy was with his Massachusetts math teacher for as long as an hour after school before he allegedly killed her — and he changed his blood-stained clothes before going to a movie and buying a Wendy's meal with her credit card, local reports say.
Philip Chism stayed behind after his Algebra 1 class was dismissed for the day when Danvers High School teacher Colleen Ritzer caught him drawing in class, his classmates told the Boston Globe.
One student told the newspaper that Ritzer, 24 — whose body was found early Wednesday dumped in the woods behind the school — asked the tall, lanky teen to stay after to prepare for the test on Tuesday.

“He just gave a nod,” said Rania Rhaedaoui, who sat near Chism. “There was a test coming up, and she wanted to know if he had any questions.”

Another student, Cambria Cloutier, told the paper that she saw the 6-foot-tall Chism with Ritzer inside the classroom almost an hour after the final bell rang just before 2 p.m.

“She was standing at her computer, and he was just sitting there,” Cloutier said. “It just looked normal, like any other day.”
But chilling surveillance footage — taken from the nearly 200 cameras inside the school — reportedly shows that soon after, the teen viciously attacked and killed Ritzer.
The teen was captured on the security cameras wearing white gloves and stalking Ritzer as she went into a second-floor women’s bathroom, WHDH-TV reported.

Sources told the news station that the calculated killer struck the beloved teacher twice before slashing her throat with a box cutter. The teen — covered in blood — stuffed Ritzer’s body into a recycling bin, which he wheeled from the bathroom and out of the school, the station reported.
Chism covered Ritzer’s body with leaves before the teen grabbed a change of clothes from his black backpack, sources told the news station.

Students told the Daily News that they spotted a blue garbage can with wheels at the edge of the parking lot near where Ritzer’s body was found.
He was last seen running away from the school’s soccer field — where he was supposed to be practicing with his junior varsity team — and telling teammates that he had something to take care of, friends said.

But Chism went to the Hollywood Hit movie theater a couple of miles away from the school and bought a ticket to the 4:30 p.m. showing of Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine.”
He left the theater about 6:10 p.m., when the film was over, and smashed his and Ritzer’s cellphones in the parking lot, WHDH-TV reported. He then went to a nearby Wendy’s restaurant and used the slain teacher’s credit card to buy a meal.
The teen was reported missing around the same time, when he didn’t return to the home he shared with his mother and 13-year-old sister. A few hours later, Ritzer was reported missing — when she didn’t return home from work and wasn’t answering her cell phone, police said.

Cops launched a manhunt for the pair and went to the school, where the blood in the second-floor bathroom led them to Ritzer’s body in the woods.

Chism — who just moved to the area over the summer with his family from Tennessee — was found soon later walking along a roadway in a neighboring town.

The teen, who was reportedly carrying Ritzer’s credit card and other forms of her identification, was arrested in the killing.
He was later ordered held without bail after he was arraigned as an adult for the murder.
The school opened to offer grief counseling for students on Thursday and later held a meeting with parents and police to discuss the incident. Reporters were not invited to attend.

The school resumed a normal schedule Friday, but the bathroom in which Ritzer was allegedly killed will remain closed for some time.
Chism’s parents, Diana and Stacy Chism, married in 1998 in Clarksville, Tenn., and filed for divorce three years later, the Boston Globe reported. But their divorce was never finalized.

The teen lived with his 34-year-old mother, Diana, and had lost contact with his father, 38, who served in the Army National Guard in Tennessee from 1994 to 2002.
Friends and neighbors said that Philip Chism seemed to be making a good transition to the area — about 20 miles north of Boston — but tended to keep to himself.
Ritzer was remembered by loved ones as an enthusiastic teacher who cared about the education of her students.
“She was just filled with joy,” said Charlotte Dzerkacz, who taught alongside Ritzer for about a year.
“She always talked about how much she loved her family,” she said. “She’s just a wonderful, loving person...She really was the nicest person you could ever meet.”

Colleen Ritzer, 24 (pictured), had asked Philip Chism to stay after class to help him prepare for a test, students said.

Philip Chism, 14, was ordered held without bail after he was charged as an adult for killing math teacher Colleen Ritzer.

Investigators pull the body of Colleen Ritzer from a wooded area behind Danvers High School.

Students and community members light candles at a makeshift memorial honoring Colleen Ritzer, 24, a math teacher who was allegedly killed inside Danvers High School by a student.

Ritzer asked Chism to stay after the final bell when she caught the teen drawing during her Algebra 1 class, students said.

Hundreds of students and community members held a candlelight vigil to mourn the death of Colleen Ritzer, 24, who was allegedly killed in the school by a student.

Philip Chism, 14, alledgely donned white gloves before following Ritzer into a bathroom where investigators say she was killed.

Ritzer, 24, lived with her parents at their Andover home about 20 miles north of Boston.

People lit candles at a makeshift memorial to honor Colleen Ritzer, a 24-year-old math teacher who was allegedly killed by a student.

Danvers High School was expected to resume a normal schedule on Friday, but the second-floor bathroom where Ritzer was allegedly killed will remain closed.

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Re: Teen Kills Math Teacher After Class (how to Included)

I lived there as a teen... WTF is this world coming to?

I want my fucking siggy pic back!
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Re: Teen Kills Math Teacher After Class (how to Included)

Crazy creepy cunt

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Re: Teen Kills Math Teacher After Class (how to Included)

Shit like this angers me that there is no death penalty.

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Re: Teen Kills Math Teacher After Class (how to Included)

In a couple of years the kids will be going on about the "Haunted High School"

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Re: Teen Kills Math Teacher After Class (how to Included)

He could have been Obama's son!

Check out that profile!

Surely not everybody was Kung Fu fighting.
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Re: Teen Kills Math Teacher After Class (how to Included)

fucking crazy america.

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Re: Teen Kills Math Teacher After Class (how to Included)

evil cold blooded killer

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Re: Teen Kills Math Teacher After Class (how to Included)

He was acting out against his Crazy Mother whom he could not confront and projected his hatred and anger onto this more vulnerable female (Crazy Mother surrogate) teacher.

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