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Taliban Launches Suicide Attack In Afganistan 

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Taliban Launches Suicide Attack In Afganistan

Thirteen American troops lost their lives on Saturday as a Taliban suicide bomber struck a coalition vehicle in Afghanistan’s capital.
A NATO official confirmed the nationalities shortly after NATO issued a statement saying that 13 of its forces were killed in Saturday's blast.
It is thought to be the worst loss of American life in Afghanistan since 30 soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash on August 6.
The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, which also killed four Afghans, including a policeman.
The strike occurred near Darulaman Palace, the bombed-out seat of former Afghan kings on the southwest outskirts of the capital.
It was the deadliest of two attacks in the day that targeted either the U.S.-led coalition or Afghan government offices in the country.
'Initial reports indicate that there has been a vehicle-borne IED attack today against a coalition vehicle in Kabul,' NATO said in a statement, using military terminology for a car bomb.
The alliance said 'several' of its service members were among the casualties of the attack, but provided no other details.
The Afghan Ministry of Interior said three Afghan civilians and one Afghan police were killed.
The Taliban claim came shortly after the attack in a text message to media outlets.
An Associated Press reporter on the scene said that NATO and Afghan forces had sealed off the area.
Two NATO helicopters landed to airlift casualties.
The back end of a NATO bus appeared to have been blown apart and was turned into a charred shell.
Earlier Saturday, a female suicide bomber blew herself up as she tried to attack a local government office in the capital of Kunar province, a hotbed of militancy in northeast Afghanistan along the Pakistan border.
Abdul Sabor Allayar, deputy provincial police chief, said the guards outside the government's intelligence office in Asad Abad became suspicious of the woman and started shooting, at which point she deonated her explosives.
Afghan and U.S.-led coalition forces conducted operations earlier this month, killing more than 100 insurgents in an effort to curb violence in rugged areas of Kunar where the coalition and Afghan government have a light footprint.
Farther south along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, Afghan and coalition forces captured two leaders of the Haqqani network and two other suspected insurgents in Sarobi district of Paktika province, the coalition said.
Haqqani fighters, who are affiliated with the Taliban and Al-Qaida, are heavily rooted in Paktika and neighbouring Paktia and Khost provinces.
One of the captured leaders provided insurgent fighters with funding, weapons, supplies and hideouts, and the other coordinated attacks against Afghan forces, the coalition said.

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Re: Taliban Launches Suicide Attack In Afganistan

crazy fuckers

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Old 10-31-2011, 11:31 AM
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Re: Taliban Launches Suicide Attack In Afganistan


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Re: Taliban Launches Suicide Attack In Afganistan

Alan's Snackbar advertising at it again.

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Re: Taliban Launches Suicide Attack In Afganistan

Another example of Arabs killing each other. They kill more of thier own people than anyone and complain about Isreal killing 2 people in a military battle.

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Re: Taliban Launches Suicide Attack In Afganistan

Time to get the fuck out of there.

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