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Surfer Had Lucky Escape

A surfer barely escaped with his life after a great white shark took a huge chunk off his board while he was surfing off the Oregon coast.
Bobby Gumm was surfing with friends off a beach in Newport on Thursday when a shark suddenly approached hos board and took a bite right out from underneath him.
The 23 inch wide bite seared through the tip of Mr Gumm's board, leaving the surfer fearing for his life.

Beach representatives said that park patrols posted warning signs in the surrounding areas immediately after the attack.
'We acted on it right away because it was very obvious and proven, and it came from an experienced and knowledgeable person,' said spokesman Chris Havel.
Ron Clifford, who was surfing with Mr Gumm at the time, said: 'All the sudden I saw a two-foot fin coming out of the water and it lifted up my friend in the air.
'I was scared for my life. I've never seen anything like that. It was like witnessing an almost murder,' Mr Clifford continued.
Mr Clifford, Mr Gumm, and their fellow surfers were all able to swim into shore without being harmed, and it is unclear whether they saw the shark again after the bite.
'It felt like eternity. It was slow motion,' Mr Clifford said.

Because the waves on South Beach are stronger farther out from shore, the group had to swim 200 yards for safety.
'It breaks about two football fields. That was the slowest time in my life,' he continued.
Scientists at the Oregon Coast Aquarium speculated that due to the size of the bite mark, the animal was likely between 16 and 20 feet long.
This kind of attack is rare in Oregon, as the temperatures in the waters off the north west of the U.S. are much colder than that of southern California- which borders Oregon- or Flordia.
The scientist said that the bite was probably simply a mistake, and the shark was not intending to make a meal out of Mr Gumm. Great white sharks tend to eat other marine mammals and salmon.

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Re: Surfer Had Lucky Escape

Bobby Gumm almost became shark bubble gum.

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Re: Surfer Had Lucky Escape

200 yards after that? I remember swimming in a lake and feeling something at the bottom and swam for my life for about 200 yards. I couldn't feel my arms or legs I was just laying there wobbly... I know what they mean slowest time of his life.

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Re: Surfer Had Lucky Escape

He almost made it to "The Real Faces of Death"!

"The one true god is between a woman's legs."

Salladhor Saan - GAME OF THRONES

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Re: Surfer Had Lucky Escape

jaws lol

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Re: Surfer Had Lucky Escape

Heard about this on a radio station near me.

He almost got Gummed to death.

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Re: Surfer Had Lucky Escape

Saw this on the news in Salem, OR.

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