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State Of Emergency Declared In Tunisia 

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Re: State Of Emergency Declared In Tunisia

Originally Posted by vnathan View Post
The people are victorious! ....the puppet regime has gone down!
Let this be a warning to all arab states who deny freedoms to the people.
I heard the old Allahu Akbar far too many times on the videos we've seen to suggest that there will be much "freedom for the people" for long.

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Re: State Of Emergency Declared In Tunisia

Tunisian forces are exchanging fire near the presidential palace with members of deposed President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali's guard, reports say.

Witnesses reported heavy gunfire in Carthage, north of the capital Tunis, where the palace is located.

It comes after the ex-head of presidential security, Ali Seriati, was arrested and accused of threatening state security by fomenting violence.

Meanwhile, political leaders are holding talks about a new government.

Interim leader Foued Mebazaa, who until Saturday was the speaker of parliament, has asked Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi to form a government of national unity.

In a national TV address, Mr Ghannouchi said an agreement between the political parties would be announced on Monday. He also pledged "zero tolerance" against anyone threatening the security of the country.

The announcement of Mr Seriati's arrest on Sunday came after the previous day saw widespread violence across Tunisia, including looting, arson and deadly jail riots.

'Intensive' gunfire

The BBC's Wyre Davies, in Tunis, says that while the Tunisian army does not appear to be interfering in the process of political reform, the motives of some members of the police and security services loyal to the ousted president may be more sinister.

Hours after Mr Seriati's arrest was announced, heavy gunfire erupted near the presidential palace in the Carthage area.

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Re: State Of Emergency Declared In Tunisia

Why would you want to have a holiday there? The situation has been unstable there for some time and this was bound to happen eventually. This new government almost certainly will not last and the nation will be in virtual anarchy for a while.

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