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Spy John Anthony Walker Dead

Who Was John Anthony Walker? Learn Some Interesting Facts About Him


John Anthony Walker, a man who is known by the military as the Navy’s worst traitor, well known for his evil acts of treason. John Anthony Walker, a man who’s death was not at all upsetting, if not pleasing, died on the 28th of August of this year and no man with integrity would mourn for such death. He passed America’s military secrets to the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The data that the Soviets collected from him have been very damaging to the United States and its allies .

John Walker was born on July 28th of 1937, his bad deeds started in 1955 when John Walker was arrested on a case of burglary. The government made a grave mistake by giving Walker a choice of either jail or serving for the military for a limited period of time; he unfortunately chose to serve for the military which gave him access to certain classified and secret information.

At the same time, John Walker opened a bar but he was plunged into poverty due to the failure of his venture. In 1968 after suffering years of poverty, John got tempted to betray his country’s deepest secrets to its worst rival enemies. The Soviet Union was ready to pay him 500 to 1000 dollar every week and that was just the price to make a poverty stricken man like John Walker sell his country.

During his shameful job as spy on the United States of America, John helped the Soviets interpret more than one million naval messages. He is also thought to be one of the main reasons that lead to the Koreans being able to capture and take control over the Pueblo in January of 1968. In 1973, he retired from the navy in fear of the fact that many superior officers were very keen to inspect his records.

In 1976, John got divorced with his wife Barbara Walker, their divorce was a result of physical abuse. By 1980, Barbara started worrying that her children would get involved in John’s filthy crimes; therefore she called the Boston FBI to report on her husband’s espionage acts against The United States. However, it was too late, her children were already involved in these disastrous and ugly acts of injustice, so they also had to be punished for their wrong doings. Barbara and her former husband John Anthony Walker enabled their son get out of prison in the early months of year 2000 by proving he only had a small role in this crime. Nevertheless, no one was able to decrease John Anthony’s time in prison which consisted of nearly a lifetime in prison.

John was said to suffer from a diabetes mellitus and acquired stage 4 throat cancer that was the most likely reason for his death in August 28, 2014 while still imprisoned. If Anthony managed to live a bit longer to 2015, then maybe he would have been freed from prison and lived with his daughter again. Anyway a person like him does not deserve to be ever freed from imprisonment, for imprisonment is the true fate for traitors.

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