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Snow Day in Jerusalem

January 10 residents of Jerusalem awoke to a blanket of snow covering the city. Snow was reported as far south as the Negev. School officials promptly announced a "Snow Day" so children would be able to go out and enjoy the rare snow.
Young and old alike got into the festive mood.

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Re: Snow Day in Jerusalem

That would be pretty 'cool' for them. Heh. No really though, it would. And it kind of breaks my heart because we hardly see any snow men or snow forts anymore. Clearly these kids and families aren't always inside online and such ...it's refreshing :)

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Re: Snow Day in Jerusalem

"Fun study Jerusalem" is the literal translation of the two signs those girls are holding up. The handwriting in the first picture is illegible.

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Re: Snow Day in Jerusalem

Where's LS when we need her? I can't read Jew.

Originally Posted by SLAPAPPY View Post
Girl is Turkish, boy is Kurdish, it ended just as well as their kids would have been TURDISH! Yes too many TURDS in the world already!
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