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When gamers get tired of their floppy joystick, then can get online and find others to fuck basically...

The people behind dating site Date a Gamer have launched a new site in the UK: Shag a Gamer.

Apparently it "fills the gap left for horny geeks who aren't necessarily looking for dating or a long-term relationship, but who are interested in scouting for sex online and meeting up for no-strings nookie".

Date a Gamer chief Tom Thurlow said members of Date a Gamer had been using the site to search for sex rather than relationships. Thus, Shag a Gamer. Already hundreds of members have defected, Thurlow claimed.

"Over the past few months we noticed that instead of looking for love, many of the members were using the site purely to meet up for sex - it's not something we were expecting, but obviously gamers get urges too.

"It got us thinking that, perhaps by providing a platform where geeks and gamers over the age of 18 could arrange to meet up and get it on, we could help people who may feel uneasy in social situations, find someone and get some action.

"People were using the Date a Gamer site to meet up for sex anyway, but this way they have a space where they can do this more openly in an arena they are comfortable in, in other words, online."

He added: "We realise this concept will raise more than a few eyebrows. But we're all adults and by using this platform all members know what they are there for and the activity is far more transparent. We're hoping it may even become self-regulating because of this."

After the launch of Date a Gamer back in February Eurogamer received reports that its 150,000 strong database was largely comprised of members of other dating websites who had been added without them knowing.



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Re: Shag-A-Gamer

lol.. W T F....? ..ahh whatever. i cant knock it.. i have used dating sites before, and i know how hard it is to meet someone on a particular site who understands your lifestyle--being a gamer for instance. i guess this makes it easier for gamers to single out eachother and for that one purpose.. fuck eachother.

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Re: Shag-A-Gamer

but first foreplay

Documenting Reality

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Re: Shag-A-Gamer

Dork need lovin' too!

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Re: Shag-A-Gamer

LOL, joining now.

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