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Sex in a Moving Car Leads to Charlotte County Arrest 

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Re: Sex in a Moving Car Leads to Charlotte County Arrest

Bad Skin, Hollow Cheek Bones coming through and vacant eyes.
Shes on crystal meth, no sores though so its only a recent addiction.

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Re: Sex in a Moving Car Leads to Charlotte County Arrest

Originally Posted by hfuekska View Post
PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. - A night of drinking resulted in a wild ride, sex behind the wheel, a gun to the head, a crash and a 26-year-old Port Charlotte woman under arrest. According to Charlotte County detectives it all started with a night of drinking at a Port Charlotte.

The victim, a man, left the bar with two women heading to a Port Charlotte home. The victim went into a bedroom to have sex with one of the women who asked for $250. The man said he had only $120 and she took it. The victim went to the bathroom he came out to find the two women had left.

The victim called the woman's cell phone and agreed to meet her at a convenience store. When he got there he expected to meet the woman who took the $120; instead, he me Amanda Jean Linscott. She told the victim the other girl ditched her. Linscott got into his car and as they drove off, he said she began touching him and having sex while he was driving. The victim told detectives she also said she needed money and he told her he already gave her friend $120 earlier. The victim said Linscott then put a .357 Taurus revolver to his head and demanded money.

The victim grabbed the gun and a fight ensued in the moving car; he said he punched her in the head so she would release the gun. He told detectives he was in fear of his life and lost control of his car, struck a palm tree, went airborne and then ran across two front yards in the 1200 block of Dewhurst Street. Linscott got out and fled the scene.

The victim was able to drive his wrecked Nissan Sentra to his two friends’ home and told them what happened. He gave them the handgun and then called the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. As road patrol deputies responded to the area, an elderly man was in the driveway at 20333 Peachland Boulevard. He told deputies his daughter, Amanda Linscott was in a vehicle crash and was punched in the face. Statements were taken from all parties involved and detectives began their investigation. Based on the statements and evidence, detectives arrested Linscott and transported her to the Charlotte County Jail where she remains on no bond.

Original link: http://www.fox4now.com/news/local/169323886.html

Isn't that Katie Holmes?

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Re: Sex in a Moving Car Leads to Charlotte County Arrest

Now that is a party. To think I went to the pub, knocked back some beer and a couple shots and took care of myself, my night pales in comparison.

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