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SAA Takes Full Control of Maliha 

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Old 08-17-2014, 02:37 PM
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SAA Takes Full Control of Maliha

Below is a gallery of images taken after the battle. Some nasty head wounds and one guy with his eyes popped out and looking in two different directions. Probably due to the pressure of the round fired into his head. Kinda funny looking. All the blood that has soaked into the ground and sands of the Middle East these last few years all to satisfy the massive egos of politicians who have never been in a fight their entire life, let alone been shot at or had to actually defend their lives. If the land could talk, I wonder what it would say

Your Source For Death Pictures and Death Video
Bleeding Head Wound and Possible Brain Matter Splatter.jpg  

Bloodied Bodies Lie in the Dirt Behind Damaged Car.jpg  

Bodies are Stripped and Searched for Explosives.jpg  

Dead Men in Body Bags.jpg  

Guy Looks Like a Neanderthal with Lazy Eye.jpg  

Man in Flannel Fatigues Lies in Pool of Blood.jpg  

Searching the Body.jpg  

Shot Down on the Road, Some Serious Chest Wounds.jpg  

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Re: SAA Takes Full Control of Maliha

Long Live Assad

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Re: SAA Takes Full Control of Maliha

Originally Posted by ak74 View Post
Long Live Assad

Absolutely; he is more popular than ever it would seem!

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Re: SAA Takes Full Control of Maliha

These belong in the gore section

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