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Russia Warns on Missile Defence Deal with Nato and US 

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Old 05-03-2012, 11:16 AM
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Russia Warns on Missile Defence Deal with Nato and US

Russia says it will put more powerful warheads on its own ballistic missiles if the US defence system goes ahead.

Russia says it is prepared to use "destructive force pre-emptively" if the US goes ahead with controversial plans for a missile defence system based in Central Europe.

The warning came after the Russian defence minister said talks on missile defence were nearing a dead end.

Moscow fears that missile interceptors would be a threat to Russia's security.

But the US and Nato say they are intended to protect against attacks from Iran or North Korea.

"A decision to use destructive force pre-emptively will be taken if the situation worsens," chief of the Russian defence staff Gen Nikolai Makarov said.
'Flawed assumptions'

Two days of talks opened on Thursday in Moscow between Russia, the US and Nato.

Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said the talks were "close to a dead end", but Nato said it remained hopeful of reaching a deal.

Nato Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow told the BBC that Russia's fears of a European missile defence shield were "based on some flawed assumptions" and did not weaken Russia's nuclear deterrent.

Gen Makarov also said that if the European shield was built, Russia would respond by putting more powerful warheads on its own ballistic missiles.

Russia and the US have been at odds over the issue of missile defence since 2000, ever since the idea was first put forward by then-President George W Bush.

President Barack Obama, who succeeded Mr Bush in the White House in 2008, scrapped plans for a network of bases spread across Poland and the Czech Republic with the capacity to intercept long-range missiles.

But in 2010, it signed an agreement with Poland to use an old airstrip at Redzikowo, near the Baltic coast, as a missile defence base.

For its part, Russia has put into commission a radar system in its Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad which is capable of monitoring missile launches from Europe and the North Atlantic.


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Re: Russia Warns on Missile Defence Deal with Nato and US

Its just Putin and his cronies flexing their rather inaddequately sized dicks in the air and demanding we dont put a defence system in place "or else".

Well, anyone want to fathom a guess as to why we shouldn't have a defence system in place when idiots like the russians have nuclear weapons not far from our borders?

Its a lose lose situation anyway. China, US and Russia have 100MT nuclear weapons capable of penetrating the likes of Norads mountain defences.

I remember seeing pictures of the Tzar bomb and there was a little map you could configure to see if that thing was dropped near you and how'd you fair.

Lets just say I live 8 miles from the city I dropped it on and the first RED blast zone covers where I live.

The Tzar is/was 50Megatonnes and I am pretty sure there are bigger bombs out there.

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Re: Russia Warns on Missile Defence Deal with Nato and US

The "Tsar Bomba" was detonated at 50 megatons in the early 60s, though its theoretical limits were ~100 megatons, Russia thought it was too dangerous due to the amount of fallout and the blast radius, even at half yield it could turn a circle 20 something miles across, into a parking lot, and thats just the actual blast zone

and I do not recall offhand, but I think if you increase the yield, say double it in this example, you do not just get "twice" the damage, it converts exponentially (dont quote me on that.. could be mistaken)

however, the strength of current warheads (at least in the North American arsenal) are around 100-500 kilotons, strongest being half a megaton, no where near what the Tsar was

the reason we don't build or even really consider using something like a 100 megaton bomb, is because most countries we might drop one on, are too close to other places we dont want to glaze over

a 100MT bomb would kill everyone in an area roughly 95,000 square miles, or the size of the great lakes (slightly educated guess)

we won't even mention the fallout of such a blast, too much depends on location, and there really is not much for real world examples to base any such calculations on, the Tsar bomba was inadequately documented, and designed by the way, it was seen as a failure largely due to the blast projecting upwards into the atmosphere

almost forgot to mention, a megaton is 1000 kilotons, for reference sake

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